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Why Have a Sister City?
Provo City and its programs have become an important and positive force for peace by promoting understanding and respect among nations.

On the individual level, there are opportunities for personal development, new friendships, and new challenges to understand the world around us.

On the municipal level, the exchange of experiences between cities, who may be facing similar problems, leads to new ideas and unique solutions, while at the same time enjoying the pride of one's own community.

On the national level, the more personal contact with American citizens helps to correct any distorted impressions of the people and life in this country often held by people of other nations. This process also works in reverse for us.

These relationships foster an atmosphere in which economic development, trade, tourism, education, history, art, foreign languages, international relations and global understanding can be nurtured.

Meissen, Germany

The city of Meissen has a natural tie to Provo, it being the home of Dr. Karl G. Maeser, a prominent founder of Brigham Young University.

The Maeser family took the lead in formulating the Sister City Relationship, which was established in July 2001.

The city of Meissen is over 1000 years old. It lies on the River Elbe and is known the world over for its beautiful porcelain, which is identified by the distinctive trademark featuring two crossed swords.

Delegations, led by Meissen's Mayor Olaf Raschke, have visited Provo three times. A large Provo delegation of 34 people visited Meissen in 2008. They participated in Meissen's yearly Wine Festival which is comparable to Provo's Freedom Festival.

Meissen Educational Exchange

Timpview High School's German teacher, Stephen Van Orden, worked with the Franziskanium Gymnasium in Meissen to build an ongoing educational exchange program.

Since its inception in 2001, there have been exchanges every other year, this year being the 7th exchange.

Timpview students and teachers travel to Meissen in June. They are hosted, for two weeks, in the homes of Franziskanium students. In October of that same year, when the teachers and students of the Franziskanium travel to Provo for their two week visit, the students stay in the home of the student who hosted them in Meissen. 

Nanning, China

Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is the region's political, economic, scientific and technological, cultural, educational, hygienic, information and financial center.

It is located in southeastern China on the Vietnam border. It is the home of the Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival held in the fall of each year.

Dignitaries from Nanning have visited Provo seven different times. Representatives from Provo have visited Nanning 4 times. 

Mayor Curtis was asked to present a slideshow at the 2013 Nanning International Sister Cities Exchange and Cooperation Seminar. The slideshow outlined Provo City's Transportation and Circulation Plan for the future. 

The highlight of the trip was the delight expressed by their Nanning hosts when Mayor Curtis easily communicated with them in their own Mandarin language.

Mayor Zhou visits Provo

The week following his return from Nanning, Mayor Curtis was delighted to host Mayor Zhou and his delegation of 6. 

Mayor Zhou expressed interest in visiting public facilities in Provo. His delegation visited Wasatch Elementary Chinese Immersion classes, the Provo City Library, the NuSkin building, BYU, Provo's City Building and fire station, and the new Provo Recreation Center. Mayor Zhou was very impressed by this "magnificent facility" that Provo City had constructed for their citizens.

Chengdu, China

Part of Provo City's visit to China included participating in GOED's Trade Mission to Chengdu, China.

The Trade Mission helped to facilitate meetings between the management of companies from Utah and the management from companies in China who wanted to investigate becoming business partners.

Several companies from Provo participated in these "match making" meetings. 

During meetings with government officials, Provo participated in signing a Memorandum of Understanding wherein it was proposed that the Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Peoples Republic of China and Provo City intend to explore a friendship relationship for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding and economic, educational, scientific and government exchanges. This MOA will be valid until September of 2018. During this time, both sides will work together to determine the validity of establishing a formal Friendship City relationship.


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