VIDEO - TWiV 641: COVID-19 with Dr. Anthony Fauci | This Week in Virology

Very frustrating that Michael Mina’s editorial and project and the concept of low cycle threshold paper based lateral assays is not on the forefront of Dr. Fauci’s bully pulpit.

I came into this week expecting to be blown away by the interview of Dr. Fauci and informed by the interview with Dr. Mina. It is the reverse.

We need paper spit tests printed on the presses similar to the ones printing the trillions of dollars going to virus relief (Dr. Mina’s wisdom not mine.) Who cares about Moderna’s or China’s dead virus or any other vaccine if we can beat down R effective with a simple dipstick test that could get kid’s in school and me out of my wife’s hair and back in the workplace. Norm needs a test to get back in the bar, we can’t lock down again … we can’t get people to brush their teeth much less wear a mask.

I am heartened by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Condit and Dr. Racaniello’s collegiality and obeisance but not the complaisance in underscoring the priority of simple cheap low cycle threshold testing. That is the story!

Mike Mina for President 2020! He’s got my write in vote (which I am going to mail in on paper that could test another hundred voters if infused with the right lateral flow immunochromatographic assay.)

Frustated. Let’s start beating this drum!