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Quebec stabbings leave at least 2 dead, 5 injured

1102 hours ago

First Lady Melania Trump ‘unapologetically’ supports gay Republicans


Soros and EU Declare WAR on Polish Catholics — Catholic Arena


ARGENTINA - CHINA Argentina joins Beijing’s Asian bank


Not for kids

1484Oct 30

Oregon's public health authority announced COVID deaths in clown makeup

4554Oct 28

Seen this one?

2619Oct 28

Wilton Gregory Is the Deep Church - Crisis Magazine

3319Oct 27

Pope's same-gender civil unions support scorned in Spanish Church: Bishops' secretary criticises …

1296Oct 27

The question stands?

3428Oct 27


2699Oct 27

his photo is more obscene than any of them...

516Oct 27

There Is No COVID Plan

2433Oct 26

Two nuns behind Donald Trump at Ohio rally. One of them is praying.

3863Oct 24

Here you go Joe Biden!

1645Oct 23

Key Part Of Last Night

1640Oct 23

San Francisco Priest tells gay parish: Pope Francis supports same-sex civil unions

2504Oct 23

Undercover video: Google managers admit to suppressing conservative voices

11371Oct 22

Department of Justice sues Google, alleging it maintains a search monopoly

463Oct 20

Courageous Priest Proclaims Joe Biden is an Embarrassment to Catholicism

559Oct 20