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GA Presidential Election Results Trump (R): 49.78% (2,424,317 votes) Biden (D): 48.99% (2,386,174 votes)

GA Senate Election Results Perdue (R): 50.21% (2,424,306 votes) Ossoff (D): 47.48% (2,292,350 votes)

This is Georgia, see the perfect correlation between votes for Trump and votes for Perdue(the R senator)

Now, see Biden, he has almost 100k votes more than the Democrat. Why would a person vote for Biden and not vote for the D senator candidate in a razor thin margin election when getting the Senate would be vital for Biden. It's like those 100k extra votes are not "organic"

Good eye! Its the same in MI where for some reason "Biden votes" didnt vote for anything else, just president.

John James --was-- winning earlier, but now Peters is winning by .1% in MI.

But "Biden Votes" for president are way ahead of Democrat Senate votes. YET, MI has a straight ticket choice right at the top. A big box. That way the house, senate, judges, everyone is Democrat.

That didnt happen in MI. Instead, Biden has a bunch of magic votes. Thats why Republicans are winning the Senate and House seats, but losing in some states. Those Biden votes are magic votes.

2,751,000 votes for Biden.

2,683,000 for Peters, Democrat Senate.

2,631,000 for Trump

2,623,000 for John James

Trump and James are dead on.

Biden got 70k magic votes.

The Left is so low energy they even suck at cheating. Sad!

I don't get how the Associated Press called AZ and wrote an article explaining it. Did they hire the HuffPost team?

We might have a long slog ahead of us. Bush v Gore case was decided on December 12. Gird yourselves.

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Alex Jones was spot on.

I understand people being exhausted by this. There are so many numbers and you have been BOMBARDED with demoralization tactics from the absolute worst people that could ever exist.

It is exactly their goal to make you feel this way.

Tag out for a bit. Seriously. Turn off the TV, get away from the computer. Go workout or write or do something productive. This fight isn't going to be over for a long time.

Yesterday or today, I could no longer eat dinner without feeling a bit nauseated. Politics has never made me feel like that.

Hey you cheer up now junior.

The world ain't ending. It's not worth to get yourself in a tizzy to the point of nausiation. That's what they want. Don't give them the satisfaction. It's not Republican't now is it? Keep on being the best you that you can be and rise above it. Go easy on the booze and eat a little lighter and better.


We've all just witnessed the greatest election fraud in American history. Trump won more handily than in 2016, >300 EVs, and is losing.

I figured if Trump won by 10K in Philly the Dems would steal it, but I never imagined they'd be as brazen as they were last night in manufacturing hundreds of thousands of votes across many states. We now have an election system in Dem-run states that resembles the old Soviet bloc. Jo the Libertarian is awful, but what does she matter when you can just manufacture as many votes as you need? They were going to make it up in those Dem-run states and cities one way or another.

It's clear we are seeing the next act in the Color Revolution. The MSM polls were all faked, and extending Covid gave them the plausible deniability of all these VBM ballots (look ma, 84% turnout!).

Last night was well-coordinated. The plan was to keep Biden in front in the electoral vote. That's why they waited so long to call FL and TX, and why they called AZ so early. He gave his speech. Then once they saw where they were, all Dem-run swing states stopped counting votes for hours, which I've never seen in 40 years of watching election returns, especially on this scale in so many states, and it was a game to figure out where they could manufacture fake ballots to push Biden over the top. They dropped the hammer while everyone was asleep with all these mystery votes in WI and MI. They kept observers out of the heavily black areas. Then the converged media institutions, including the AP and Fox News, called these states, and big tech did its usual censoring. The press blackout likely will become a rerun of Rittenhouse and Hunter Biden's laptop.

The color revolutionaries and their accomplices (like Zuckerberg) have been warning through the media for a long time that we wouldn't know who won on election night. This was why. Individual states don't matter; all that matters is keeping Trump under 270 and that's why PA is not announcing.

It is still possible that Trump can pull out this brazen attempt at a rigged election through the courts if he can start validating legal votes. If that happens plan B for the revolutionists will be mass deep fake demonstrations like we've seen in Eastern Europe. NPCs will be the pawns and Antifa / BLM will provide the violence and looting. The theme: voter suppression.

My prayer is that the wicked fall into their own nets (Ps 141:10).

Dude... if the Chinese get control of the U.S., they‘ll have no regard for the non-Chinese American. Heck, they may even throw Chinese Americans under the bus too. At best we’d be relegated to slave labor (working the same job but only being paid in crypto, valid for two weeks). How about the social credit system being brought over here? You can’t be this naive about China, it’s why they’re able to gain so much ground and make inroads into new countries overnight.

That's what I'm alluding to.

The prior post wasn't really for the benefit of the folk here.

It was for those who do 'care' about climate change. Have them ponder or face the reality of it all.

I'm calling it!

This week: Biden wins by election fraud

1+ weeks: Trump goes to court, votes show Trump won by a landslide. Major election fraud.

1+ weeks: Media lies and says Biden one. Riots, Trump impeachment.... etc...

2021 Sportsbet (Australia): Going to court to get my winnings.

ME TODAY: I'm done with this fucking corrupted election!

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If this blatant fraud slips under the radar somehow, I’ll have lost a lot of faith in this country. May God be on our side, and show Him who should rightfully lead this country.

Biden breaks Obama’s record for most votes for presidential candidate in US history

Because of course he did.

Nobody in American history has been more beloved as a leader, a greater orator, and as captivating and charismatic as...Joe Biden.

I'm having a tough time believing those are all legit votes. Glad to see FL Governor DeSantis called out Fox on Hannity just now though - dimed them out calling AZ prematurely. Hannity got all defensive, but it was true, Fox is in the tank with the GOPe.

The NeverTrumpers at Fox have a some career Democrat working their desk who made the decision last night. Even today they show AZ as blue while talking up the fact it is still in play. WTF?

This is true. You can make do under a bad government. Most people in the world face this.

Also, Biden won't be able to do anything near what he wants to, with a Republican Senate and a reduced Democrat majority in the house. No tax increase. No packing the court. No new states. No Green Nude Eel.

Plus, think of this: when they try to declare him incompetent, and have Harris take over, the Senate has to approve it. I think Mitch McConnell's Senate will never allow this. Biden will have to stay in office as a senile and fading old man, and Harris can just go pound sand.

This makes me think - assuming the old coot is able to survive his first term (not guaranteed), can anyone imagine him running again at 82 years old?

And if he croaks/resigns because of lack of mental capacity, will the party entertain the idea of some harpy nobody ever wanted being their point person?

Not seeing what their plan would be for 2024, and hoping it won't matter in the near future.

Time for a career change. Learn to code, Nate.

DJT will win AZ (just like last time, where he took it by 4%) and might pull of NV.