Who's Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? - Brian Cates's tweet - "Remember, DHS printed the ballots. They have radioactive isotopes and watermarks and other identifiers. This isn't advertised broadly, but the info was out there. Ballots printed by other parties

Remember, DHS printed the ballots.

They have radioactive isotopes and watermarks and other identifiers. This isn't advertised broadly, but the info was out there.

Ballots printed by other parties or foreign countries won't pass muster when challenged in court.

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When you produce a block of 110,000+ ballots at 4 am in the morning after midnight on election day, and NONE of them have the isotope or the watermark or other identifiers, Trump laughs in your face as they get tossed.






WOW! Eu não sabia disso


DHS imprimiu as cédulas. Eles têm isótopos radioativos, marcas d'água e outros identificadores. Isso não é amplamente divulgado. Cédulas impressas por outros partidos ou países estrangeiros não serão aprovadas quando contestadas no tribunal

A new Deep State crisis.

For all those surprise, excess ballots printed up en masse, there may be a problem.

DHS printed up both ballots as well as supplied paper on which states had to print ballots; those missing the right identifiers wd likely be questioned.


We saw a Department of Homeland Security official at our polling place in little Wyoming. I’m praying this is true.

“Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself.”

I just love when a plan comes together

Also - how were they able to find all these ballots spread out in dumpsters etc?

The Ds love em some track and tracing technology (on people), how about on real ballots?

Will loose my sh*t if so


Uh, I watched my ballot get printed at the elections office in my county....

WTH! Is this whole scenario a giant sting operation?

Continue to counting the filtered ballots! Continue to counting the ballots by order ! Continue to counting the outside printing ballots ! , just as Chinese communist did in HK !

They aren't using after market ballots. The dems have a pool of known non engaged voters(voters who are on the roles but don't vote). They pull from those lists and have ballots filled out for them. That is why they have fought ballots thrown out if signature doesn't match.

No idea if this is true, but if it is, then this would not only help get DJT re-elected, it would probably land some people in prison.

The ONLY valid way to contest this, and I am sure Trump will, is have a recount ordered by the courts and match up voter rolls with the ballots.

Bom agora estamos falando sério.
Se as cédulas estão marcadas através de isótopos o nível de encrenca se multiplica imensamente.

DHS imprimiu as cédulas.

Eles têm isótopos radioativos, marcas d'água e outros identificadores. Ñ foi divulgado, mas a informação estava lá fora.

Cédulas impressas por outros partidos ou países estrangeiros ñ serão aprovadas qdo contestadas em tribunal.


تذكر أن وزارة الأمن الداخلي تطبع أوراق الاقتراع.

لديهم نظائر مشعة وعلامات مائية ومعرفات أخرى. لم يتم الإعلان عن هذا على نطاق واسع ، ولكن المعلومات كانت موجودة.

أوراق الاقتراع المطبوعة من قبل أطراف أخرى أو دول أجنبية لن تجتاز الطعن في المحكمة.

Ok, I'm listening, but I'm confused... which ballots exactly is the DHS supposed to have printed? Because in AZ I watched the on site poll people printing them. Is this just about the mail in ballots? Pls explain.

What states? In Utah they had office printers printing ballots at the voting place.

Could the Dems be in for fraud charges once ballots are examined⁉️


Time to close this loop?

Voter Fraud in MI has a spectrum of penalties - depending on context & content. Messing around w/Absentee votes - though - as it involves the US Mail, is a serious deal indeed/Felony. Each instance.

Penalties STACK!


You have been wrong at EVERY turn.

É Homeland Security que imprime as cédulas e ela tem uma marca de água especial Isotopo não radioativo, Democratas não sabiam😂

DHS did not print the ballots. C'mon man.


Por supuesto que tendría un As bajo la manga... #HILO 👇🏼

🤣🤣🤣🤣 They will be busted!

Please TELL ME THIS IS TRUE!! ITS BRILLIANT and does sound to good to be true

I hope so, but I'll believe it when I see it.

If this is true, it's 3D Chess Checkmate. Absolutely incredible if Trump knew this was coming and set a trap for the hapless Democrats.


It would be the art of war, by DJT

Oh how I wish this was true.....if it was we would hear about challenges using this now.... not waiting for Court

💥Beachte, dass d DepartmentOf HomelandSecutity d Stimmzettel gedruckt hat.

Sie haben radioaktive Isotope + Wasserzeichen + andere Identifikatoren. Das wurde nicht groß beworben

Stimmzetteln, d von anderen Parteien / im Ausland gedruckt wurden, fehlt das!


dude you don't know what you're talking about (and it's not helpful to advance the conversation) - states print ballots not DHS

This is absurd. They don't even use the same ballots within a single state, sometimes not even within a single county in a state, let alone nationally.

Also📢📢💥💥 Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018 on foreign interference and Election Integrity. NSA monitors elections now!! Oh 💩 Democrats!!

If this is true watch the Democrats numbers plunge into the abyss


must win !!

I printed my own valid absentee ballot with my own printer paper... soooo this makes no sense

Plus it’s impossible to scan 180k ballots within 2-4 hours! check the machine metadata first will have a clue. So the late night big number jump at MI is type in! They are too eager to win without basic knowledge

@gatewaypundit @EricTrump @RudyGiuliani @RealJamesWoods

BINGO!! Great thread!

👇 🇺🇸 👏

Brian sharing Q drops. Haven’t seen this before.

Don’t worry everything will be illuminated soon. Dark to Light.

For your consideration...

If this is the case, then we would be able to find these nationwide.

Trust the plan they said , we trusted and deep state is stealing the election right before our eyes and nothing is happening to stop the steal , lawsuits in SC will not help John Roberts will side with liberals,

This is a great conspiracy theory. When I see it, I’ll believe it.

Kanawha County WV didn't have printed ballots, we had a blank strip of paper that was fed into a voting machine that printed out your vote then loaded into a different machine.

So far I’ve not seen or heard evidence of the watermark...praying we are not spreading disinformation.

Can you pls cite something other than a Q post?

Get your popcorn ready and keep the champagne on ice

Cates shared a Q post. Wow.

Very interesting indeed. I suspect we are in a waiting game for awhile. $SPX should be super chop until resolved.

We’ll know if Q is legit by January 20th! So far, not really sure the plan is working. I pray it does. A beautiful sting operation of epic proportions to catch the deep state in action.

My goodness this is genius. wow. thank you

That's exactly what I have been saying today also Brian.

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