Presidential election results: Donald Trump wan challenge presidential election results for Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin - BBC News Pidgin

10 November 2020, 14:51 WAT

New Informate 5 hours wey don pass

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US President Donald Trump failed in his attempt at re-election

US President Donald Trump go go court today to challenge di results of last week presidential election.

Na afta di di kontri Attorney General William Barr tell federal Prosecutors to torchlight di "substantial" accuse of election mago mago.

Tori be say Donald Trump wan challenge Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin presidential results for White House

Oga Barr order make di top lawyer wey dey in charge of voter fraud investigate resign as sign of protest.

Trump neva accept say Joe Biden wey get 270 votes of di Electoral college - wey dey required to win US presidency - win di election.

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What if Trump no gree leave White House?

Wetin go happun if Trump no gree comot from White House? Dis na question wey dey many pipo mind.

Inside 244 years of America history, e neva get president wey refuse to comot from White House afta im loss election.

Di orderly, legal and peaceful way wey presidents dey take transfer power na wetin dem take sabi America democracy.

Dis na why Trump announcement say im no gree accept say Jeoe Biden defeat am, don create new palava wey di kontri neva see before.

As tins be so, even sabi pipo neva fit reason di challenge wey dis mata cari come dia domot.

"Far from ova"

Shortly afta major tori pipo announce say oga Biden don win di election, Trump presidential campaign team sama statement say "election dey far from ova."

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Trump dey play golf as dem announce Biden victory

"We all sabi why Joe Biden dey rush to falsely claim say im na winner, and why im media supporters dey try so hard to help am" im tok for statement.

According to di Unites States constitution di current presidential term go end 12pm on 20 January.

Although Trump get legal and legit resources to take challenge di voting result, but if court no make any concrete about turn and im Trump no fit prove say mago mago dey for di election, 20 January go be di day wey di new presisdent to take ova off and Trump must step down.

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What fit happun if Trump no gree leave di White House?

Advertised position

Wen comedian Trevor Noah, ask Joe Biden for one interview on June 11 weda im tink say e dey possible for Trump to refuse to leave office if im defeat am.

Biden say: "Yes i don tink about am." Im add say im dey convinced say for dat kain situation, di military go dey in charge of preventing am from remaining for office and go just pursue comot from di White House.

Di US Marshall or di Secret Service fit be di ones to escort Trump comot from di presidential residence.

Di secret service na civilian organisation wey dia work according to di law na to protect all former presidents, and dem go continue to protect Trump afta January 20.

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Donald Trump with a member of di Secret Service for White House

As dem go soon announce Biden election victory, di secret service don also increase di president-elect security to presidential level security.

Di unthinkable tin wey fit happun?

If Trump refuse to leave office, e go dey necessary to torchlight how loyal di security forces dey loyal to di president.

Di BBC ask sabi possible weda e possible for Trump to use state security forces to remain for power illegally.

"For any president to abuse power of di presidency to remain for office afta im loss election go hard and e go destroy di normal way wey tins suppose be," Professor Dakota Rudesill, wey be sabi pesin for national security policy and legislation wit Ohio University tok.

"E go cause damage to di kontri, to di important civilian military relationship and to how di world go take see democracy," im warn.

But im say, for im mind, im no seee how Trump go stay for presidency wit security forces support, e no go happun.

"Di military dey wear oath to di constitution and not to di politician wey dey office" im tok, "and di highest ranking military officer for di kontri now, General Mark Milley, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, don dey tok say military no get any work to do for dis election."

Keisha Blaine na professor at the University of Pittsburgh and sabi pesin for di study of social protest movements.

"Di fact say we dey even ask if military go intervene for di election sef reveal plenti tins about di sad situation for di kontri," she tell BBC.

On June 5, tori pipo New York Times claim say General Milley convince Trump make im no invoke di Insurrection Act of 1807 to mobilise active-duty troops throughout di kontri to quench protest. Di tori pipo say dis na "line wey some military officials say dem no go cross, even if di president order am."

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Trump with Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Violence as pipo dey wait?

Professor Rudesill say: "I don write about di possibility say President Trump go try use executive order, or di Department of Justice wey im political supporters dey control to give order make di Executive Branch consider Trump di winner of di controversial election."

"To order di military to continue to salute president Trump wen im term end for january 20 go put di military for impossible situation," im tok

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Sabi pipo say di way di president dey tok don increase di possibility of protest and even violence.

Aside from di extreme case wia di military autonomy go dey at stake sake of political party wahala, di political situation now fit cause violence for oda areas.

For situation wey presidential candidate no gree accept say im loss election e fit lead to "possible serious civil disorder," Keisha Blaine tell BBC.

Di way di president dey tok "don increase di possibility of protest and even violence," she argue.