Smartmatic Facts – The Truth About The Electronic Voting Company

Corporate Facts

Q: What is the International Elections Advisory Council?

FACT: In 2015, Smartmatic established the International Elections Advisory Council, a body within their corporation that is meant to guide the employees in the complex landscape of the industry. Richard Soudriette is...Read More.

Q: Who is on the board of directors?

FACT: The board of directors is made up of a diverse team from all over the world. The board includes Chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown,  David Giampaolo, and Sir Nigel Knowles.  ...Read More.

Q: How does the company structure operate?

FACT: Smartmatic has an international ownership structure comparable to many multi-national companies. This structure was designed so that Smartmatic can operate efficiently and effectively in different markets and regions around the world. Robert Cook is the Smartmatic President for ...Read More.

Product Facts

Q: Is it true that Smartmatic machines are low-grade and are developed in Venezuela?

FACT: False. Smartmatic is a multi-national firm founded in the USA, with its headquarters in London. The company’s founders are from Venezuela and nationals from over 30 countries working from different offices around the world. Smartmatic invests heavily in...Read More.

Q: Besides software and hardware, what is the scope of Smartmatic's services?

FACT: Smartmatic provides both software, hardware, and services to its clients. Smartmatic has the industry experience and knowledge to offer services such as consulting, training, planning, managing, monitoring and implementation – covering all stages of the electoral process. Smartmatic provides...Read More.

Q: Does Smartmatic manufacture election technology?

FACT: Yes. Smartmatic has designed, manufactured and sold more electronic voting machines and election optical scanners  than...Read More.

Security Facts

Q: Is it true that automated elections cannot be audited?

FACT: False. One of the strengths of Smartmatic’s electronic voting systems is that, it is fully auditable. Unlike a manual ‘system’, a well-designed automated election, by contrast, produces...Read More.

Q: Can someone pre-program Smartmatic machines before the day of elections and rig the electronic results?

FACT: No. Following the 2013 midterm elections in the Philippines, some groups claimed that results were predetermined following a fixed-share voting pattern: 60% for one party, 30% for another and 10% split between remaining candidates. The claim was investigated and ...Read More.

Q: Can hackers easily penetrate Smartmatic machines and alter the electronic results? 

FACT: No. Smartmatic utilizes a range of mechanisms to safeguard security and privacy of votes, from: security fragmentation, security layering, device identity assurance, multi-key combination and opposing-party auditing. This is very similar to... Read More.