VIDEO-@SupportLinWood - SupportLinWood - Reports Of Nancy Pelosi's Laptop Missing - PANIC...


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Excellent report

Declassify as much as you can


I hope this is true because she hasn’t mentioned anything lol

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Why would she admit to America it was taken?

@Michelleemory0923 Exactly, why would she announce it, especially if it may contain some damaging files. She will keep this on the down low.

Is thst thereason that she is so after Trump today. Impeachment, 25 Amendment and even taking the nuclear codes from him.

Did she say SteelTruth that she is on Patriot ?

Its true mil ops was integrated with antifa they got 20 laptops Pelosi and Schumer are a few ...

It makes me think: if they've planned this FF attack, then why would she leave laptop? Unless she placed disinfo there.

I love it! Drain the swap!

No wonder she wants Trump out ASAP!

Ms. Pelosi needs prayers... I pray for her soul...

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I pray for her arrest

Don't waste your breathe...they are beyond salvation...

To late,,, far far to late

I pray for her victims souls

She has no soul

Good luck. She has to have a soul first for you to Pray for her. She is soulless,heartless & sadistic.

Not me she has no soul she is going to hell

Gotta have a soul to pray for it!!

Name Hidden · @Private User 1 day ago

Lol. How the hell is America still in existence with these flippin idiots in charge?


Panic because of what was on there. And they weren't stolen. 12 laptops were confiscated as evidence.

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By the people!

@Bedawgs Aerial Exploitation.....Vigilance Above

@Bedawgs Aerial Exploitation....Vigilance Above

That must be true bc they are frantically going after the people that went into the capitol. Weiiiirrrdd

Oh please let this be true! She's is poison.

Hell yes - take down all these MF’s 🇺🇸❤️



Name Hidden · @Private User 1 day ago

That is what she gets for inviting antiphon to the home.

Wow amazing 🤣🤣🤣

I’m new, where is steal truth? Is that how you spell it

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She’s on YouTube for one. Her name is Ann Vandersteele. She’s really good.

@Lwight64 Thank you very much ... i’m still trying to figure out how to get videos off my Facebook into my phone. I’m a dork . I have an iPhone

@Lwight64 Yes she was, thank you for your help finding her. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


This is great news 😀😀

I figured that was the reason for Paul Pelosi was pictured with the guy wearing horns. Retrieval mission?

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I guess is pay back from her son in law!!!!