Urban Dictionary: Auntie



is that one person who's blessed to have a sibling who gave birth. These


tend to be better than

the mom's

because they can give them back anytime they'd like and have a magical bond that allows the niece/nephew to trust the auntie and tell them anything. These kids will become your life. One day you'll quickly realize that food and these kids are the main reasons you're living.

"Auntie you're my best friend!!"

"Auntie can we do this? No, I want to do this!"

*starts to


and cry* "

Hey sister

I have to go, here are

your kids


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south asian

) woman who has all of the following characteristics:

1) has a thick desi accent when talking in English

2) talks in English to be cool



your cheeks and calls you beta or glares at u and calls u batameez

4) chases people with chappals

5) smells like curry

6) asks you to marry her son the first time you meet her

7) is a fob.

That auntie offered me "

ass cream

" .. it took me a whole 10


to figure out she was referring to ice cream.

After discovering I'm in my last year of medical school, this auntie declared I was going to marry her son.

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Not your real Aunt, just your mom's best "friend" who is always over

spilling tea

about other people's children. This is someone who wishes your mom success, but less than her own or that of her own children. Also a woman who always has to

one up

anything your mom says. You

don't really know

why this woman is in your house all the time before you're awake but she always is.

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Colloquial and endearing term of reference for the BBC (British


Corporation). Implies a friendly and trusted old relative who can always be relied upon to be there for you. Often used by newspapers and magazines in the UK to refer to the BBC and allow the creation of otherwise nonsensical national



see below


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