Rahm Emanuel remains in line for a ‘high level’ Biden ambassador post: May be China or Japan Israel cabinet NBC - Chicago Sun-Times

WASHINGTON — In December the Chicago Sun-Times reported ex-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in play for a “high level” ambassadorship, and on Monday night, NBC news said it may be to China or Japan.

Emanuel had made a push to be President Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary, with Pete Buttigieg getting the spot instead.

Emanuel became too hot for Biden to handle for a Cabinet post after protests from leaders of public service unions, civil rights groups and progressive organizations.

In the alternative, the Sun-Times learned from multiple sources Emanuel, the first chief of staff for former President Barack Obama, would be in line for “high level ambassadorship jobs.”

NBC News said options for Emanuel included China and Japan, with Israel briefly considered and then off the table because Emanuel had a “rocky relationship” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Emanuel, whose late father, Benjamin, was born in Jerusalem, has worked on Israel peace issues in the Obama and Clinton administrations.

Emanuel’s record in the Laquan McDonald killing contributed to sidelining him for a Cabinet slot. McDonald is the Black 17-year-old youth who died in 2014 after being shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer, with Emanuel sitting on the release of a video of the incident until after he was reelected in 2015.