Mulatto Accused Of Colorism After Calling Brown-Skinned Friend An "Orangutan"

She was joking with her best friend, but people took to social media to share that they didn't believe her remarks were funny.

Throughout her career, dating back to when she was an aspiring rap star on The Rap Game with Jermaine Dupri, Mulatto's stage name was cause for controversy. People have called out the biracial artist for using the term as her moniker, but although she continues to garner negative opinions, Mulatto, real name Alyssa Stephens, stands by her choice. 

On Tuesday (September 15), the XXL Freshman once again found herself fighting against accusations of colorism after a video surfaced online. The rap star was getting her hair done in the clip and she said, "This my assistant and my hairstylist and my best friend and my pet f*ckin' orangutan." Later in the video, her friend tells her to stop complaining because her hair is almost done. "Your p*ssy is well-done," Mulatto said with a laugh. Because her friend is brown-skinned, people accused Mulatto of being a colorist.

As the controversy continues to build among fans and foes, Mulatto refused to acknowledge the naysayers and has continued to promote her music. Social media users have used Mulatto's stage name against her in their arguments, so check out a few responses and let us know if you think people are overreacting.