VIDEO - FED Chairman J. Powell - HUGE Freudian Slip. Says "Financial Crisis" then corrects it too "Pandemic Crisis". Does it twice in same speech. - GreatAwakening - WWG1WGA!

So r/superstonk found this, and its blowing up. The comments show the apes on reddit are joining the great awakening, even if they dont realize it yet.

Freudian Slip #1:

Freudian Slip #2:

Reddit thread:

Archive link of reddit thread:

Relevant link - The Stock Market Is Just One Hedge Fund Blowup Away from a Crash. Here’s the Ugly Math:

Evidence of redditors joining the great awakening (never thought we would see this kinda comment highly upvoted on reddit):

Heres the best comment...likely from an anon: "Damn SuperStonk, when did you guys become more based than /pol/?"

This comment takes 2nd place: "I used to care about not sounding crazy in this sub, we’re so deep in the end game I don’t care anymore. WHY DOES COVID ONLY EFFECT COUNTRIES IN THE MIDDLE OF POLITICAL/economic TURMOIL? Look where it started for gods sake."

Maybe we have already reached critical mass, but the (silent) majority are still too scared to admit these things out loud.

Also...Got your GME yet?


Found the 3rd place comment: "Just got to examine the facts. The Fed chair conducts a public interview to say they're fine... If this were true, there would be no need for the interview."