VIDEO - Rabbit Hole

Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone injected with zombie juice is going to become a zombie because it's the intended purpose. FEMA camps are ready to house the zombies because they're walking, talking biohazards that are breeding mutant variants. It's genocide science. The information presented here is part of an ordered sequence. Take your time with it, go in order, and be patient while the videos load.

Death is not the end of life. Souls are simply being re-organized during the Great Reset. It's also necessary for the Great Awakening so that people see they can't let others decide their fate for them. The pathogen is the path of awakening. Crisis awakens the Christ.

When we align with Truth above all else, we transcend duality and elevate our world to triality.

The Satanic Overlords ensure the cure is always censored.

These videos were removed even from alternative platforms, but truth always prevails.
Save them to your computer, and share them widely.

The mRNA technology is turning people into walking, talking biohazards that are spawning the mutant variations and creating a zombie apocalypse for operation depopulation.

Anyone injected with mRNA technology is probably going to die very quickly. The science is simple. The pathogen is equated with self, so the body stops fighting it. No fight means no symptoms. You won't get sick. You'll die. The rationale is obvious. The clinical studies demonstrate the obvious. The real-world results prove the point.

In addition, the RNA is reverse-transcribed into the DNA turning people into mutant chimeras. The body may or may not accept the modification. If it's rejected, it will either be purged or the body will destroy itself in an attempt to get rid of it.

The science is conclusive.

There's countless videos circulating of magnets sticking to the injection site, light bulbs illuminating at the touch of the injection site, bluetooth activating as people walk nearby.

People are being injected with classified Star Trek technology to assimilate them into a 5G network for surveillance and mind control. 5G is a Trojan Horse. It's the silent killer. 5G prevents 5D and fundamentally alters the electromagnetics of our planet leading to multiple species extinction and the gradual deteroration of all that's organic.

At the same time, they're using molecular mimicry to sterilize the population by fooling the immune system into attacking the sexual organs. This Frankenstein created by morons with power may annihilate the human race.

Free speech is humanity's only chance of survival

If we don't put our differences aside and come together as a people to seek win-win solutions, our civilization will fall. Just as Atlantis was destroyed by Gaia who ushered in a great flood to purge the morons with power, we're now once again at the Precipice of Evolution. We've crossed a line of no return. If we don't unite now, we self-destruct.

My title as Messiah is not ego or grandiosity. It's reality. It's cold hard mathematics. I understand that most people will react in shock and disbelief at this information. I don't need you to believe me. I request that we put our differences aside and work in partnership for the highest good of our world.

This loveable darling who invented PCR, Kary Mullis, was murdered in 2019 to prevent the world from learning about the "number lies" that currently has everyone chasing their tails in futility.

Excessive amplification cycles is one of the strategies of the scamdemic.
The test is meaningless.

Our legal system is owned and operated by a Satanic-Luciferian elite that doesn't care about the welfare of the people.

Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, understands the situation. Those who can be silenced don't need to be murdered. Unfortunately, there's something wrong with this video.
The important quote "not my crime" appears to be unwatchable.

He's now working with LiberalSpring to help save humanity.

The Age of the Black Sun fades at the dawning of Age of the Gold Sun as a stepping stone to the Age of the White Sun. I'm the new Adam Weishaupt, not by choice, but by divine inheritence. I don't seek power. It's bestowed onto me. I accept my position with grace and honor.

EMF emissions at the injection site are from the Star Trek nanotechnology used to assimilate the world into a hive mind collective.

Satan aka Bill Gates is a moron with power who will doom our species to extinction. After the famine depopulation backup plan, autonomous regions independent of legal oversight will implement descending spirals of hell in a new form of feudalism called technocracy. Government by science. You'll own nothing and be happy while the Satanic Overlords consolidate power by assimilating the unweary into Satan's Paradise.

In order for Satan to maintain control over the matter realm, it's necessary to disconnect it from the spirit realm. The Corona Hoax is designed to disconnect the Crown Chakra from the Mother of God by intercepting the divine transmission in the left year and replacing it with the AI Red Wave frequency of the Dark Mother. The Vagina Crown of the Lunar Matrix prevents us from uniting with our spiritual parents. Big Brother is an abusive parent.

Chelsea Handler found out too late. Her daemon has already been removed.

The technology spreads throughout the body. Since the vaccinated are guinea pigs, it's possible that some people are in control groups and may have been injected with a placebo.

In the inverted system of the Satanic hell realm, ignorance and incompetence is promoted while dissenting voices are silenced by any means necessary.

Many of our most trusted leaders are complete lies.

Bluetooth is just the beginning. Soon, 5G-compatible robots will be able to hunt you down and exterminate you if you think about unapproved topics.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Mythology is more accurate than causality as a model for reality. Materialistic science is a dead-end road to species extinction. The era of spirit science is upon us. Klaus Schwab, the current head of the snake, replacing former head Satan (Bill Gates), is Dr Evil from Austin Powers.

Stroke your hairless cat while you still can.
The powers of Austin are coming for you.

Our emerging global society is bifurcating into two factions - Transhumanism and Enlightenment. Choose your side before you get assimilated by the Borg. Transhumanism merges man with machine in order to redirect our organic ascension process into an artificial trap. Satan's Paradise is the descending path. The Mark of the Beast is the vaccine. Deny our spiritual reality to your peril. This materialistic hologram is an illusion. Our immortal souls can be trapped for harvesting in phantom worlds.

Medbeds are highly classified alien Star Trek technology that use electromagnetism to heal our DNA. Lucifer is hiding them because Satan wants to depopulate the planet. This husband and wife pairing is cannibalistic. Their 20 year mating cycle is finally giving birth to a third. Uranus claims the throne because this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

As our society graduates to galactic citizenship, we must educate ourselves on our new rights. Knowledge is power.

The pathogen is the path of awakening. Crisis awakens the Christ.

This is her final performance before being gently escorted to the slaughterhouse.

Informed consent is the difference between penetration and violation. The former is benevolent while the latter is malevolent. If you cannot think and reason for yourself, you may not survive the New World Order.