VIDEO - Sydney enters 14-day ‘harsh’ Covid lockdown… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

This “two weeks” will become another year…

They should take a hint from the folks at
Coober Pedy

Mike Hunt from Beaver Falls

Get used to the lockdowns mates! Your commie chink masters will have their filthy nose picking fingers up all your asses soon.

It must suck living on an island with nowhere to run.

I thought the Nazi Gestapo Tyrants were gunned down in the last war?! Your SS gubment loves you into your grave mate! What are you prepared to do?

We are done with COVID fear porn. People have the choice whether to get vaccinated or to accept the risk of getting COVID. No more lockdowns, no more masks.

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Enough with the Covid BS. Tell your Communist leaders to F off.

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There goes the TP down under again…

I demand the government administer covid anal swabs for all liberals immediately!

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Shoot! They’ll gladly swab themselves and all their friends! It’d be a party for them

The first, second, third and 4th lockdowns worked perfectly, so why object to a 5th?

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I thought this thread was about Sidney Powell when I first saw the title.

If China says you have to lockdown I guess you have to follow their orders.

I Got Friends In Safe Spaces

Did the lockdowns work previously? No? Why do them again?


They are literally destroying families and businesses and trampling on basic human rights in the name of a virus which virtually everyone infected SURVIVES. Shame.

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Just the tip honey… I promise.

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“You won’t get pregnant if i put it in your other hole”

For a lockdown to work, safety measures in all parts of the world at large need to exceed Wuhan Biolab’s level 4 safety measures, which failed.

Do the authorities really think the whole world will achieve level 4+ safety?

It’s just two weeks. It’s just a mask. It’s just a shot.

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It’s like deja vu all over again…

It’s just trillions of spike proteins infesting your vital organs.

This is a country where they run PSA messages on TV telling people not to sleep in the street.

Saw the headline and thought it was Sidney Powell.

The old lockdowns didn’t work, what makes the local atrocities (spelling intentional) think this time will be better, or are they just sadistic and need to be removed?

Doubling down on Stoopid.

Those Ausie pissies gave their guns away a long time ago.

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There are still a lot of guns in Australia.

Only in the hands of the criminals…


What a bunch of nonsense. Revolt, unite !

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Is there a scorpion vaccine for Aborigines too? Are the bushmen locked down?
Good God mate, we sell sheep for wool and people for vaccine profit margins…

This shows either the deep corruption or deep stupidity of the Australian government. The suspected “virus” of Covid-19 has NEVER been isolated. They have not identified the virus, so how could a “varient” be identified ? Total BS. 🐂

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The delta variant is proven to be deadly by Science from India

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If you can’t trust science from India, who can you trust?

Mike Hunt from Beaver Falls

F*ck India!!!!!

See what happens when you give up your guns????? Let that be a lesson for the WORLD to see.
I love Aussies! They should and most likely will come to the US…the largest tax paying populace will GTFO!…Oppressive governments need to be punished….HARSHLY. …Its the only language they understand.

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What’s the point of getting a vaccine if the government will still put you under house arrest? Just askin’

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What’s the point of any of it, really?

Need to face truth. All population must eventually reach natural herd immunity. Either quickly as in Sweden, or drag it out over years. This virus will escape the covid medical device jab, as it’s a leaky treatment that allow virus to replicate in vivo and spread. Natural immunity does not. Natural immunity targets all parts of the viral particle.
The enormous long term costs of shut downs will force Australia’s government to open and allow for natural immunity. But how long and at what cost to the citizens????

Can you say Ivermectin?

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Apparently NOT in Australia…….idiots.

It wont take that long to soften up the pussies in AU.

Stop getting tested. Most are inaccurate anyway.

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80 cases?

I guess that’s a lot if you have the unrealistic goal of zero

Casedemic. They can leave to shop or work. No political protests, of course, conveniently.

Mike Hunt from Beaver Falls

Australia is just a bunch of dumb ass drunks who will soon fall under the power of Xi Jinping and his dog eating nose picking CCP s#itbags.

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At least they have a legitimate Government – we don’t.

Watch Sky News Australia on YouTube. You’ll find they are a HELL of a lot smarter than the people in our media!

There’s going to come a time when people are just gunna start Ceausescu-ing these leaders.
What a complete and total crock of hooey.

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Excellent adjective creation Kit. I was thinking of that guy the other day and how he probably thought he’d escape unscathed as do the current crop of wannabe dictators.

That pic above is spot on!

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Actually more accurate would be a Karen in the pic with a mask on lecturing the non-masker that she’s putting the obese woman’s health at risk.

Bet they regret that entire “Let’s surrender our weapons and our Rights” thingy from 1997…

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Australia is a big threat to the CCP. So close to China, presents a big threat. Best lock them down before they cause trouble. Especially with the planned Taiwan invasion.

They learned nothing from the Swedes.
This has zero to do with health.

Punishment from their CCP overlords.

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