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Transcript for Scientists race to preserve Italian Alps

Now to northern Italy and the melting glacier scientists are trying desperately to save. They're adding hundreds of thousands of feet of protective covering to block the sun's heat and tonight the warning from experts about climate change to the rest of the world. Here's ABC's Julia Macfarlane. Reporter: Summer in the Italian alps and a desperate race against time. In a bid to delay the snow melting climate experts in northern Italy are now shielding the endangered presena glacier with massive sheets of cloth and covering some 120,000 square meters. Authorities say around 70% of the snow can be saved over the summer with the protective cover aimed at reflecting the sun's rays. The best thing we can do is to extend the lifetime of these glaciers by some years but really not much more than that. Reporter: In the alps climate change and the increase in global temperature is threatening ski resorts and livelihoods. ABC's James Longman witnessed glaciers melting at an alarming rate on Mont blanc, western Europe's highest mountain. We often think of climate change as taking place on the outer reaches of our world. From green land, the Antarctica, islands in the Indian ocean, but what's happening here on Mont blanc shows that the changes are happening much closer to home. Reporter: Around the world global warming is causing glaciers and sea ice to melt at a rapid rate. One geologist based in Italy telling us that if the trends continue, future scenarios predict that a majority of the world's glaciers could be gone by the year 2100. An alarming prediction. Julia Macfarlane, thank you.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"Climate experts are trying to preserve the Presena Glacier by covering it with cloth to reflect the sun.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"78655152","title":"Scientists race to preserve Italian Alps ","url":"/WNT/video/scientists-race-preserve-italian-alps-78655152"}