George Floyd Mural Struck by Lightning, Crumbles to the Ground - 🔔 The Liberty Daily

A mural of the late Black Lives Matter icon George Floyd has been struck by lightning and has collapsed. Eyewitnesses confirmed that nobody was near the mural when it was struck nor when its pieces fell to the ground.

The Toledo mural, completed in June 2020, was struck by lightning in the middle of the day on Tuesday, leaving a charred wall where Floyd’s face was before. It was a direct hit; artwork to the left and right of the mural appeared unblemished.

The George Floyd mural on the side of this building in Toledo, Ohio collapsed today. Witnesses told authorities that the mural was struck by lightning before it collapsed #Lightning #Toledo #Ohio #BLM #GeorgeFloyd #Police #ThinBlueLine #News 📸 via WTVG

— The Grand Old Tribune 🇺🇸 (@GrandOldTribune) July 14, 2021

According to local WTOL:

Toledo Fire and Rescue responded to the scene at Summit and Lagrange Streets, where a large mural dedicated to George Floyd —  who was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin last year — had collapsed.

The piece was created by Toledo artist David Ross just about one year ago. He said the artwork stands as a memorial and reminder to never forget what happened that day in May of 2020.

A witness who saw the wall fall told TFRD they had seen a lightning bolt strike the building. The department later confirmed the strike to be the cause of the collapse.

No word from BLM yet as to whether they’ll blame systemic racism in Heaven for the event.