Conspiracy Theorists: 'Changing' Earlobes Prove Biden Clone - Comic Sands

The only limit to conspiracy theorists' ideas is the power of their imagination.

The newest bizarre twist among far-right conservatives is the belief that Joe Biden has been replaced by a clone or body double.

The evidence for this wild theory?

Biden's earlobes.


@Bewillysodak @govkristinoem Joe Biden isn’t aware of much. Maybe his body double is though. Check out his earlobe…

— Robin L (@Robin L)1607651739.0

For these conspiracy theorists, Joe Biden's earlobes becoming less dangly proves there is a Biden clone who has stolen the President-elect's life.

Earlobes are either open or closed... You have open or closed your whole life... That doesnt change... Unless your…

— Dr. Shanna Elect 68% Pissed Gander (@Dr. Shanna Elect 68% Pissed Gander)1607652455.0

Which Biden is this? One has detached earlobes, the other has attached earlobes. That is not a trait that floats. P…

— ❌ProudTrumpDeplorable❌ (@❌ProudTrumpDeplorable❌)1607549753.0

@StevePieczenik People say look at his earlobes, attached/ un-attached . “It’s a body double “ But that Happens whe…

— Joe Biden CEO of N.A.M.B.L.A (@Joe Biden CEO of N.A.M.B.L.A)1608160641.0

Of course, anyone willing to slow down and think logically for a moment could think of a few better explanations for Joe Biden's earlobes.

You woke up today needing an 1,200-word analysis of Joe Biden's earlobes? Don't worry. I got you @snopes -->

— Jessica Lee (@Jessica Lee)1608230929.0
Fact-checking website Snopes confirmed Joe Biden's earlobes have, indeed, become less dangly in the last couple of years. Instead of jumping to the "clone" explanation, however, they concluded Biden likely received a facelift.

@kurteichenwald Some guy comparing photos of Biden's earlobes then and now to prove he's a deep state clone of Bide…

— Nancy Stanley, JD (@Nancy Stanley, JD)1607634180.0

Of course, logic and facts never stopped fringe conservatives on Twitter from continuing to spread false and unfounded conspiracy theories.

The Biden earpiece conspiracy theory (which originated in a tweet from a single anonymous source to a NYPost report…

— Ben Collins (@Ben Collins)1601403748.0

@oneunderscore__ Notice on these photos that some of Joe Biden has free earlobes where as another one he has attach…

— Wendy Roden (@Wendy Roden)1607920378.0

@BrianTh37895972 @hwholcomb Well the Person Pretending to be Joe Biden (attached earlobes) Can NOT be sworn in as…

— Ministry of Truth (@Ministry of Truth)1607816574.0

Do such wild conspiracy theories deserve a place in social media?

While some find them entertaining to mock, people have been threatened, injured and even killed because of the baseless lies being pushed.

@Chem_Am_Legit @IcarusFlightOf @Raiklin @marcorubio @DevinNunes @SenTomCotton @EliseStefanik @RepMoBrooks It can in…

— Dr Paige Carita (@Dr Paige Carita)1607642293.0

It's time many of these conspiracy theorists were taught the finer points of an important philosophical and scientific concept—Occam's Razor.

If there exist two explanations for an occurrence, the one that requires the smallest number of assumptions is usually correct. In other words, the more assumptions you have to make to prove your point, the more unlikely your explanation is accurate.