How many Americans have Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Alex Berenson et. al. murdered this month? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Since roughly 99% of COVID deaths in the USA in July so far were preventable — the vaccines have now been available pretty much everywhere on a same-day basis for a couple of months; at my local Safeway you can walk in, get one immediately, and then get 10% off your groceries — that means that about 3,844 of the COVID deaths in this country this month so far can be laid directly at the feet of the people who are most responsible for continuing vaccine “hesitancy.”

Here at LGM we’re going to keep a running count of how many people Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Alex Berenson & the rest of the anti-vax crew have, ethically if not legally speaking, murdered in the weeks and months since COVID deaths in America should have dropped to close to zero. (It should always be pointed out that all these people are themselves vaccinated).

The current number is going to skyrocket, because cases are skyrocketing. The US is trailing the UK by about three weeks in regard to the spread of the Delta variant, and daily case rates are going vertical there, even though 80% of the adult population is at least partially vaccinated, as opposed to 67% in the USA.

"Despite UK daily case rates of more than 40,000 — a figure that before the vaccines rollout would have led to about 800 deaths a day — the current daily tally is about 50."— Eric Topol (@EricTopol) July 18, 2021

By the end of the coming winter we could well have seen an excess of 100,000 or more completely preventable COVID deaths in the USA, despite the fact that one of the greatest historical achievements of medical science could and should have saved almost every one of those lives.