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  1. One rule for for us….

    • I can see the speaker point But if it’s not needed in the House of Commons, Businesses should said the same thing if it’s a rule for them 🐀 it’s a non rule for businesses and us peasants who will NEVER accept these passports anywhere.

      Hope that makes sense

    • No rules for us more like and plenty for them our rules or there out cheek 😂

  2. They’re loving playing mind games with the public, and this is another example. They’ve been yo-yoing with these passports all year, and are carrying on with it.
    The, ‘will they, won’t they ‘ is just more psyops, confusing the public, keeping them guessing.
    They’ve been doing it with the vaccines too, first it was just the high risk, then, staff in contact with high risk patients at places like care homes.
    Now, it’s moved through every Generation!
    Unfortunately, the public are very slow learners, and are taking time to catch up!
    Saying that, they’ve had the Euros, Wimbledon and now, Love Islands back!

    • I don’t have tv but your last couple of sentences actually made me laugh out loud. Apart from that I agree with what you say.

  3. Are we surprised? No doubt old queenie and her family don’t need a passport either. They’re really throwing it all at us before their summer hols.
    And scientists are now saying we will be most likely to be in lockdown before the end if August. Our window of opportunity is growing ever smaller.

    • Paid Stooges, that pretend to be Scientists!!

      Real Scientist are saying it’s all BS and the Jab’s will kill most who take it by 2025!!

      • True enough. So paid stooge scientists are saying that but I think you knew I meant that anyway.

    • Never did understand the love of Royalty. Can’t people see through their charade???

      • Unfortunately not. None so blind as those who don’t want to see.

    • Bill Gates said at the very beginning of this so-called pandemic that it will take 18-months at the earliest before the world can be opened up again and only then through the use of health passports. Given that the year 2015 keeps cropping up, with the City of Westminster Council tendering for a temporary body storage facility the most chilling recent example, we can only assume that the tyranny will not be stopping any day soon.


      • Agreed! This has got to end. These hypocrites need to answer the people for what they have done. A withdrawel of all this tyranny and an apology would be nice. I am not going to hold my breath though! I know some have taken out court cases under common law having been provided with evidence from well-respected doctors and scientists. The work is to persist in waking people up and more and more mass refusal to follow this rubbish.

      • Absolutely great comment thank you very much 💪👍

        Have nice day 🦋


  5. And some sheep still think it’s about a deadly virus.

  6. Now why on earth would members complain bitterly about having to prove they’d been double jabbed before entry into the house. Unless, heaven forbid, for some strange reason, most members had chosen to reject the jabs contrary to what they’re falling over themselves to insist everyone else should accept?

    The house has inadvertently exposed itself for the worst kinds of hypocrisy and at a lot more than just one level.

    • Agreed, it’s littered with hypocrisy and double standard.
      Anyone that thinks this has been about a virus really needs medical attention.

  7. That only applies to the Houses of Parliament, surely? An MP will still need to be jabbed to get into a nightclub…

    • Would any decent nightclub want an MP on the premises?

      • Lol 😂 yes that’s true
        & then having the experience of having to watch them
        Dancing in their suits like they at the Private school , school disco 🥴🤦‍♀️


    Basically, damned if there stupid enough to get the jab, but surely everyone has to have it to stop the errrr oh I remember nothing, it doesn’t doing anything virus wise, how could it, Covid is a Hoax!!

    Upto recently I’ve been 2% maybe I’m wrong and I’m crazy, but I’m 100% here.

    Diesel Shortages ?? 1 way to cripple the country lots of fuel stations around Birmingham without Diesel today, no Diesel no Lorries, no food deliveries!!

    • Agree but I think they’ll only do partial food shortages to start. Total food shortage would certainly wake a few people up. Nothing like hunger to clear a few brains that have been dumbed down.

      • Hi 👋
        yes I noticed my local co op (smaller) shops not getting delivery s ,

        But on a Brighter note tho 💪 we have near we’re we,s live a lorry training centre & I have seen lot of drivers out training so ..GOOD ON THEM MEN & WOMEN 💪💪
        Good luck 🤞🏻 🍀

        Boris don’t look short of a meal tho does he!
        She in Australia looks like a horse that will eat us all😳
        They are pure mentalist’s…the lot of them.

        Have good day 🦋

      • Frozen food appears to be short round here or so they tell me. Hopefully your lorry drivers are all good as the general pass rate isn’t that high.
        Beautiful day here, hope the same for you.
        Mind you, I set my mind to enjoying each day regardless of the madness swirling around us.
        Enjoy your day.

      • Hi 👋
        Never know 🤲..the people who take them out on their test could hear I called out today good luck to theses hard trying people, bless.
        Because I agree there is corrupt going on 👍
        because my family were in haulage some years back it was a struggle getting good , confident drivers through test, sometimes they would fail the ones who were or could been fantastic drivers but after a test of that kind it can knock confidence big time but we used tell them drivers ‘get back on the bolted horse’ ect.

        Yes it’s beautiful weather thank you 😊
        I will say rain or shine I do what it takes to stay High Vibes within 💪

        Boris .klaus ..celebrities.. all of them is so horrible & basically back stabbing Greedy liars I refuse to let such vile people grind me totally down 👍💪

        Have great day 🦋remember happiness is something they can’t take from Us

      • It was Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky… who said that people only revolt when there is hunger in the bellies. But the thing is most people in the UK have never felt hunger at least going by the size of most people’s arses 😀 The shops are awash with food. The shops can’t shift it fast enough. Fill your trolleys. Buy one – get two free 😀 Eat, eat, eat, snack, snack, snack. Try fasting for a few days to feel what hunger is 😀 And see how long you last before you ‘crack’ 😀

      • Trust me, I do know what real hunger is, like when you feel like your belly touches your backbone. An unfortunate moment in my life led me to 3 weeks of that.
        I’m pretty certain that your over confidence in your supermarkets is misplaced. Since my unfortunate episode I’ve slowly built up a rolling stock of supplies. You can mock all you want but those who laugh last laugh loudest. Luckily for people like you I wouldn’t laugh, I’d share what I have.

      • Driving an HGV, bus or whatever isn’t just a case of passing the test and getting behind the wheel of a truck. With an HGV the first thing you have to do is pass a medical. Also there is CPC – Continuous Professional Competency i.e continuous testing, continuous medicals, tachographs and goodness what else red-tape, keeps-jobsworths-in-a-job crap to contend with. When you see what if entails most right-thinking people are going to think ‘Nah, too much hassle, won’t bother’.

      • I never said that I had any confidence in the supermarkets 😀 And with the current madhouse we live in it is advisable to have a ‘rolling stock’ of essential supplies. ‘Rotate and replace’ as the ‘preppers’ would say 😀 It is better to be ‘bootstrapped’ so that when a mad panic breaks out you don’t have to do as much ‘heavy lifting’. It is obvious that many I’m-all-right-Jack-and-Jills have huge stockpiles. Bottled water appears to be getting stockpiled at the moment. It is very EXPENSIVE though ‘forward purchasing’ months, years of food, diesel generators, refrigerators. And in no way is it a long-term solution. It would be like trying to ‘beat inflation’ by buying a lifetime’s supply of baked beans in one go 😀 As the toilet roll fiasco taught us if the shit does hit the fan it will be every man, woman and dog for themselves so act and prepare accordingly. Civilisation is only a ‘veneer’ and a thin one at that. Anyone who has read ‘Lord of the Flies’ will know what to expect 😀 I do get the feeling that evil entities are trying to cripple the food supply, kind of like a battle is going on between those who are trying to keep the wagon on the road no matter how many arrows are being shot at it and those who are trying to knock the wheels of the wagon 😀 Remember: beans, bullets and barbed wire 😀

      • Fair enough and I agree that things will go to hell in a handcart rapidly. I do wear a sensible hat sometimes which is why I don’t talk about my “supplies” where I live.

      • I don’t think the shops would shut down overnight. That would cause mass panic. But what could happen is that more and more foodstuffs will become unavailable until it is mostly only sweets and crisps and other low nutritional foodstuffs on offer 😀 Back in the day, not even as far back as post World War II times there wasn’t 100 different types of strawberry jam on offer. We would be caught in a slow and managed transition into the old Soviet system whereby we would queue around the block all day for a loaf of stale bread 😀 All man-made of course. As Jaques Ellul said ‘progress is a myth’. It will mean a reduction in living standards: can barely afford food/heat, can’t travel anywhere, living in some ‘eco-hut’ growing spuds on your ‘allotment’ but you will be ‘happy’ 😀 We must learn to enjoy our servitude as Aldous Huxley said 😀

      • Way things are going trev we will all be in that ‘eco tent’ you mentioned growing theses potatoes together that be fun …I hope 🤞🏻 there isn’t a Antiperspirant shortage….
        That would be outrageous!


  9. Hugo, you’re on fire and simply the best! You’re definitely helping the mental health of your followers/population, never stop what you’re doing please🙏 I feel things are about to get challenging!

    • YES! he is keeping me sane through all this bs..turn to Christ sister/brother he is coming back and soon..

  10. So let’s get this right. It’s about a deadly disease that’s so terrifying we all need to stop at home and stop living. But parliament is so important that it doesn’t apply there. They clearly aren’t scared of it. They are either so brave (we know that isn’t true) that they need to keep meeting to talk a load of bollocks about a load of shit, or they know it’s a load of shit and they’re a big pile of bollocks.

    I wonder which is true?

    • Yep. It’s like banging your head up a brick wall trying to point out the obvious to those who can’t or rather don’t want to see. All I get is ” oh they’ve always had different rules ” and other things like that. I just think now they don’t want their cosy world view changed.

  11. No way , can no body in that Par-lie-ment even see as to how they look. OH how I can see a new business idea once this would of been niche , not now though. Bonfire night purchasable life size effigies of your favourite representatives filled with a volatile mixture to help your bonfire go WOOOOOF.

  12. We’ve lost guys. We are actually living out a more embarrasing Animal Farm,

    • Never give up hope my friend… It ain’t over till the Fat lady sings… They will fail like all other empires before them!!

  13. What’s his problem? The virus is so virulent and the ‘vaccine’ so ‘safe and effective’ I’m sure everyone in the house has been double jabbed and will be only too willing to show their NHS passport, leading us public by example.

  14. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I will not comply with this tyrannical bullshit

  15. I bet you not one of those politicians have had the poison then. If they are able to move freely without being asked for the vaccine passport.

  16. Another way of looking at this is HOW MANY MPS are not jabbed its obviously enough to have created a panic about not being able to go to work ?

  17. Thank you Hugo

    You know what is most upsetting is the way Our lives out here are going down the shitter!
    And they are feckin laughing as they make decisions on humanity!

    Omg 😳
    They are like annoying bullies at school!!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

    Have great day Every one 👋

  18. Meanwhile the oblivious sheep are still walking around in their masks.
    A part of me thinks the human race deserves what’s coming to them but for the growing crowd of enlightened free spirits and critical thinkers.
    London Freedom march this Saturday needs to be the biggest yet.

    • ABSOLUTELY agree Paul!💪💪💪💪💪💪

      Let’s keep getting out there & showing the numbers growing 👍

      Come people around the world…🎶 ‘GET UP STAND UP ..STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!’🎵

      Thank you 🙏 Mr Marley 🎶🦋

      Take care Paul

  19. I’m wondering about footballers and celebs, people like Sir Paul McCartney for example, the ones seen as rock royalty and sporting royalty. We know about Clapton, Brown, Corr and co, but will these others be excused, as seen with the passports in this clip? Surely, unless they’re stupid, they won’t want to be jabbed.

  20. I predicted this ages ago 😀 That they would force these ‘vax-ceen passports’ if they could get away with it and that there would be ‘exemptions’ for specific groups/people. Anyone want to buy a crystal ball – in good working order 😀

    • Never needed a crystal ball.
      They have always been lying slags.

      Have good day now
      Take care

    • And if the infrastructure existed such as a barrier to enter a shop they would be issued with a pass/QR code to open the barrier without having to be jabbed. Just like happens with lots of other things 😀

  21. Boris jonestown will still look fat, clammy and pink like he did yesterday from his press box at chequers or his piggy pen as it looks like his food and tyranny will never run out.
    Just like pigs in Goa he will have public toilets to feast his greedy piggy face on, so long as Bliar and his masters have a cubicle to shit on as they play and feed their pet pig Boris.
    As for the experiment my mate has seen a two faced pig in an experimental lab in a Wales facility when he was working on a flat roof and was curious enough to look inside the building he was working on.
    Now we are the experiment as the pigs in parliament are to precious to experiment on.

    • Hi 👋
      Yes they are getting up to some strange shite aren’t they but…
      they are going to feel Every bit of the desperation Us folks in this world who are not asleep! Are & have been feeling ..
      They have stepped to far.

      Have great day 🦋

  22. i saw through these career minded ,self centered,cuntsover 30 years ago,i am 68, and have not voted ever since then.people are fucking brainwashed and in general can,t see past the carrot that is dangled in front of their noses,just like donkey,s but you can,t get through to them.they should poke their jabs up their arses and stop blackmailing the gullible public.People are still sleeping on the streets,and if the powers that be,,actually gave a fuck then they should start there.instead of crawling up the arses of the mega rich, and lining their own pockets.

  23. I enjoyed all the comments.

    • In God’s name what sort of link is that? It leads nowhere but a ‘406 Not Acceptable’ error 😀 Unbelievable!

    • Seriously Anthony, do you actually tests links before you post them? 😀 Where is Quality Control when you need it? 😀

  24. So the majority can vote to get us stabbed with poison they won’t take themslves and won’t have it, will that apply to there wives, children, dogs, cats.
    None of us want to be potentialy killed off with substances with no long term data available, just like “Members of the old boys club” who coherse us to take it on a daily basis.

  25. latest. there building mega prisons in the U.K. we know where this is going. Nazi Germany coming. scary shit. when history repeats itself. check out the one in wellingborough england. with the crematorium next to it. think they will be covid detention centres.

    • Fast track detention centres with the crematorium next door.