My company wants me to develop a vaccine passport website - The Donald - America First!

I developed a site to display results of covid testing early on in the pandemic but now they want to expand it to include a vaccine passport section. I’ve notified my supervisor that it goes against my principles and I won’t do it. I’m the only person in the building who can code and if it weren’t for me this place would burn to the ground. Wish me luck!

Worst case scenario start work and never finish it. Drag it out. Make it buggy af.

With lots of back doors and workarounds

Give P.W access to the back doors as well

deleted 98 points 1 day ago + 99 / - 1

This ^^. Someone is going to get that contract if you don't. May as well be you. False positive everything, or give just enough truth that gives you credibility for when it's a lie. You know.. Like NY Times, MSNb..... well nevermind, you get the point.

When you get caught say it was a "Noble Lie"

Throw in a bunch of rickrolls for the developers they hire to fix it too.

How about a tik tok nurse dancing rick roll video. Did I just blow your mind?


99.5 % Vaxx ...we good now ?

call their bluff and watch what the tyrants do next

They'll do Vax #4 before they ever hit 99.5%.

Exactly. For someone capable of developing a database, this would be ridiculously easy and if you were smart you could hide it in there so it would be difficult to find.

They took my swing line stapler! And I told them if they kept doing that, I'd... I'd just burn this place down, I sure will.

Smash their printers while you're at it.

Large grains of salt . . .

It's amazing how destructive a few well placed staples can be to expensive replacement equipment...


Give /pol/ a back door too and watch the fun

Some men just want to watch the world burn 🔥

You can access my back door anytime.

Big Mike letting you roam free for a bit?

deleted 6 points 1 day ago + 6 / - 0

Make it keep glitching, and pulling up the text from the book "1984"!

Fake compliance is still compliance, remember that.

No it's not it's guerilla warfare.

Don't forget to incorporate the proverbial thermal exhaust port in the design if you do.

Wrong, it’s collaboration. Collaborators get the hemp neck tie.

MGTAU 4 points 23 hours ago + 5 / - 1

But muh holocaust! Shut the fuck up about the fucking holocaust for 5 minutes!

Especially Oscar Schindler was the correct answer guy take a fucking chill pill friendly fire

I believe in due process of law. If it can be conclusively proven that the collaborator did more damage to the enemy than their own people, then they may get to walk. It better be damn good though.

The amount of lives Oscar saved greatly outweighed his contributions to the Nazi war effort.

There is a huge difference between just saving your skin, and actively thwarting the enemy's plans.


Got it fren ;)

hey... that's amazing, I got the same password on my luggage...

((someone remind me to change my luggage combination))

It would be so funny with a typo: IUD/pw: Admin/admin

Luggage? Isn't that supposed to be 000?

gunteh 5 points 1 day ago + 5 / - 0

If it works for government, it works for me!!

Dominion has entered the chat

I see your malicious compliance and raise you to

malicious non-compliance

Non-compliance will give them a chance to get someone else to do it as they want. Malicious compliance will drag the thing out and halt rollout for longer by deliberate sabotage. Non-compliance seems more badass but its less effective.

And if he creates something that appears to be what they want, while it is actively subverting what they want, that is top level malicious non-compliance.

It is turning the enemy into unwitting allies.

And if anyone confronts him on it, just blame supply disruptions.

deleted 9 points 1 day ago + 9 / - 0

Good sir I ask you, why not both? Lol

deleted 1 point 1 day ago + 1 / - 0

I had an asshole boss say that to me and ever since then I wanted a heavy metal band to take up that name.

My butt licker boss took my job over and crashed a shit load of data in just a few weeks. They asked me to come back for double my wages then a bit more I told them to kiss my ass. They went out of business in less than 90 days.

D__1 61 points 1 day ago + 62 / - 1

If you have to do it, leave a nice big back door open with unencrypted data. Don't do it in a way that gets you in trouble but maybe an easily guessed default password or whatever. Nothing says 'going out of business ' like a class action HIPPA lawsuit.

That's not how HIPPA works. Clinics have to follow HIPPA. Non-healthcare providers don't. Otherwise you could sue google/microsoft/apple because they definitely have your medical data and share it unethically.

Thanks for clarifying this.

Let’s please use HIPAA instead of HIPPA. Thanks pedes!

Stacey Abrams enters the chat

deleted 6 points 1 day ago + 6 / - 0

Indelibly etched in my...

BrionK 4 points 1 day ago + 4 / - 0

Sharing of PHI and PII are troublesome things to get patient consent to share.

No, but businesses have a responsibility under a myriad number of data privacy laws to protect PII and employee’s private information. It’s a regulatory nightmare and largely comes down to the laws in the locality the customer or employee lives so a company may be responsible under a variety of state laws.

wait.. how does "google/microsoft/apple" have my medical data?

Your healthcare provider shared it with them to help "improve quality of care".

links? sounds like bullshit fearmongering. Also my primary care is a 30 year old woman, who is scared when I even take my shirt off. She has no data.

deleted 9 points 1 day ago + 9 / - 0

It's true. Use to search for an article.

are you kidding me? LOL..

It’s so much worse than you think. They have been purchasing the “statistics” from every medical conglomerate out there, for years now.

And what do they do with all the info?

They use it against us

Even IF they could "purchase" private HIPPA info from medical scammers, how are they using it against us? The VAX is not executed through your primary care, it is a random shot from Walgreens.

“Project Nightingale”

Search it up on Brave browser


“How google uses your medical data” “How Big Tech uses your medical data”

I don’t know how you haven’t heard about this. People have been screaming about it for years

deleted 1 point 1 day ago + 1 / - 0

The Obama era digitizing of health records. Everybody has your records especially government lapdogs. Civil rights lawyer Robert Barnes has stated that while he was on a case that involved health records that the government can see when you went to your therapist & what you talked about. The only protection is that these things aren't "supposed" to be shared.

BrionK 2 points 1 day ago + 2 / - 0

Woke, Inc.

The better question is what doesn't Google know about you? If you own an android or apple phone, or visited someone with a Google dot or Alexa, then these companies have a profile on you. Many companies contract out their cloud services to Google or Amazon. Microsoft collects tons of analytics and sends all of your documents folder to the cloud by default.

Good thing I haven't used my documents folder since windows 98, and always disable the cloud before anything after a fresh install.

The Google Dot and Alexa privacy concern is wildly overrated. You can monitor your internet traffic and see that it actively does not listen to you.

While it's still a vulnerability, no, it's not a 24/7 listening device.

You honestly think that it can't be turned to active remotely?

You honestly think that Goolag and Jewazon don't save audio for "improvement purposes"? ... ⩽⩽DjangoLaugh.png⫺⫺

How do they have my medical data?

That is how it works for people who have medical data. I have access to but do not access all sorts of health care data, I do not because my whole career is based of being this level of trustworthy.

If I do not protect that data sufficiently, as a non-healthcare provider we're still up shit creek.. It's OK to remain quite when you don't know what you're talking about.

If someone "voluntarily" gives me their healthcare data, I can do whatever I want with that data. My collection/sharing schemes may not even know that the data is healthcare related and it gets shared just like any other data.

HIPPA was intended to increase trust between patient and healthcare providers. But there's a ton of ways of getting that data outside of the healthcare setting.

Courts would hold OP culpable.

Annpi 21 points 1 day ago + 21 / - 0

Being direct is best... but if they push... just screw it up. I worked at a place like that... everyone screwed up their work so I ended up with all their work.... until I quit

Ctor 9 points 1 day ago + 9 / - 0

I have worked in such shitholes too... It does tend to break the system when the 70hr+ employees who fix everything finally say "fuck it" and quit.

Annpi 3 points 1 day ago + 5 / - 2

Only people that have shitty lives at home want to actually work 70hrs+.... and those people are usually so miserable you don't even want them around.

I actually like my life outside work.... but eh

Ctor 5 points 1 day ago + 5 / - 0

Oh I agree. I just got pulled into the whole sense of duty thing... this was in startups and I was Trying to keep the company from falling flat on its face and stupid enough to figure management would actually do something about the new hires they brought in who were worse than useless. They didn't... And after I and all the other people who did the work got tired of it and quit they were in a world of hurt.

Ctor 2 points 1 day ago + 2 / - 0

100% agree. That's why I finally said "fuck it". Dealt with tons of "emergencies" that "have to be done right or we are gonna be completely screwed" and then watched management let others screw up constantly with no repercussions... Finally management got repercussions. One of the places had a CEO who worshipped Ayn Rand but somehow couldn't apply her lessons in real life. So I left him a note that said "who is John Galt?"... After I left my boss, my bosses boss, and two VPs got the ax. Six YEARS later after I quite, a project I was working on and close to having finished still isn't done.

Annpi 4 points 1 day ago + 4 / - 0

Lol.... I remember those days. EVERYTHING was an "emergency". It only took me a few "emergencies" to realized managements lack of planning DOES NOT equal my emergency.

Ctor 1 point 23 hours ago + 1 / - 0

Yup. It's really bad in startups since they have this deal where they insist on hiring people with obnoxious phony laughs... As opposed to any technical expertise... Then listening to them. And letting them lie and waste everyone else's time. Complete sociopaths and liars. And yet management still wouldn't do anything about it... I guess they would rather see a company go broke... Oh well.

Annpi 2 points 22 hours ago + 2 / - 0

Ugh, I despise fake ppl especially ones with annoying unnecessary laughter!! Don't startups usually get funded by friends family angel investors... after they realize they are failing they probably just don't care... not their money...

This might be better than outright refusal. Make it take a ton of time and money. Then keep it broken and breaking. Show random results that don’t make any sense.

NADSAQ 10 points 1 day ago + 10 / - 0

oh no... it got a virus

That's what happens when you don't vaccinate your program.

TDAF 13 points 1 day ago + 14 / - 1


Brainz 7 points 1 day ago + 8 / - 1 Akyura 210 points 1 day ago + 212 / - 2

If you have to do it, use Angular, Vue, React, and jQuery on top of a PHP Laravel backend with random splices of regular vanilla HTML and JS. Demand to containerize it, and put it on a Kubernetes deployment with the Istio service mesh. Require a CICD pipeline that uses terraform, Jenkins, chef, puppet, and Ansible. Make them pay

x79q3pb 176 points 1 day ago + 177 / - 1

You web dev guys are nuts.

They practice BDD - buzzword driven development

Fail, you actually spelled out your acronym. It's development 101, puke those out and never explain

IT guy enters the room

Uses 5 acronyms in a row

Refuses to elaborate


Yells at normies who continue to autodelete their emails

Well, if it was important enough, they'd come and see me.

It's DNS. It's always DNS.

"AI" is the fucking worst.

You web dev guys are nuts.

I love that this comment doubled


I don't know why it does it, but it only seems to be this website where it happens.

some sites do that. It used to happen on reddit, I don't know if it still does. Minds too. Some missed handshake between server and client I guess.

Handshakes enjoy facial "milkshakes"

🤮 I didn't need this visual

ActNow 0 points 1 day ago + 2 / - 2

Dumb question here. What are the handshakes for?

TDAF 10 points 1 day ago + 10 / - 0

A process of verification/validation between entities prior to establishing a connection. It can happen between software client and server. But also here on .Win where we have "Trojan" users who join and make seemingly MAGA comments at first to gain credibility (the handshake), but in reality they are nefarious actors coming in to sow doubt and decrease morale. They do this by eventually turning up their signal, voicing deep concerns about our beliefs, disparaging the comments/decisions of Trump and other conservative leaders, or leaving overtly racist comments to paint .Win patriots as something we are not.

Not sure if you're being ironic or not, writing from a handshake account...

It's a logic error in the code. Either a repeated submission or repeated display. I've noticed another bug from time to time where when you are scrolling through posts you'll sometimes see the same post twice. That is an obvious off-by-one bug with the neverending scrolling code.

zooty 6 points 1 day ago + 6 / - 0

LAMP was kinda done but devs gotta dev.


All of that is greek to me, but it gives me hope that those of us with measures of control, are USING that control to sabotage the tyrants.

zooty 33 points 1 day ago + 33 / - 0

As a former web dev, it's become way complex. Of course, that's OP's intent but the number of technologies that often basically do the same thing has become a bit ridiculous.

a 50 million dollar project when the customer just needed a spreadsheet

Obamacare website was a billion dollars. Don't sell yourself short

The consultants mantra:

"There's no money in providing a solution, but you can retire off prolonging the problem."

Thoughts of a cancer cure research team.

Oddly similar to the pharmaceutical company mantra

Or the inverse: A 10 GB ".xls" spreadsheet with macros developed by someone who quit 10 years ago when the department desperately needs a Database and a basic HTML web front end, but the boss won't shell out the money to pay for it because "What we have has always worked."

zooty 4 points 1 day ago + 4 / - 0

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

It's like rain on your wedding day.

I think it's more ironic that none of that commie's examples in that song are actually a case of irony.

zooty 3 points 1 day ago + 3 / - 0

The interesting thing is that that arguably makes the song itself ironic.

zooty 2 points 1 day ago + 2 / - 0

The commie with an estimated net worth of 45 million, of course.

Id argue 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife is kind of ironic.

I was on Hacker News for years, and those folks are like Nazis when it comes to anything older or something that isn't being peddled by academia.

I'm also a former web dev, but still love it and piddle around every now and then. Maybe will get back in it someday when our lawfully elected prez is back.

but still love it and piddle around every now and then

Updoot for 'piddle around.'

zooty -1 points 1 day ago + 1 / - 2

A lot of this stuff lowers barriers to entry too. Which makes it easy to find employees but means they often don't understand the implications of what they're doing.

You're an angry person. I like that.

That is how you do a DevOps there. Got your full-stack engineering right here (grabs crotch).

This is how we do it in Clown World. Honk Honk!

Spend a month developing nothing, collect a couple last checks, then give them a url that redirects to

Oh, you said "Build a site for Vaccine PASSPORT"? I thought you said "Build a site telling us we can kiss your ass with this Vaccine Passport horseshit. "

Muh bad.

Also in CS, would never code anything like a vaccine passport.

Write in cobal and set a date for it to stop working, after it's been around for a few days then quit.

Also make all the QR codes link to dick pics.

This is how we save the world!

That's considered a logic bomb and is illegal, would not advise OP to do this

Vaccine mandates are illegal. 🤷‍♂️

Only if it's intentional. If you accidentally have code that accidentally divides by zero when the date passes something or the number of records exceeds something than that's purely accidental oops.

Of course, delete the shit out of this thread first....

During my CS program at uni, we took an ethics class. I'm morally obligated to not build shit like this.

Any devs that do need to be blacklisted

the problem is the endless pajeets

it's not even pajeet's fault

pajeet's home country is a shithole

so pajeet comes here with an h1-b

why h1-b? democrats want replacement and rinos want slaves

then pajeet gets enslaved with the h1-b and abused

in the end, immoral things get built

The abuse is real, had some colleagues from india at a major CC firm subsidiary working for a shady Indian consulting company charging the client $145 hr, paying them $18 hr and holding their passports hostage. Sick.

6969 3 points 23 hours ago + 3 / - 0

yeah. very unethical. It is like the engineers that designed the gas chambers in Nazi Germany.

Better yet

Agree to do it

Spend weeks or months on it

Always be at the verge of getting it running

And when it’s finally up, have it be totally inaccurate, glitchy, and eventually delete all the vaccine data in the system.

Line 1 Hello Dave. Line 2 Goodbye Dave.

Yes this is war. Deceive and Destroy their war machine

Malicious compliance is a useful tool.

So basically the Obamacare site.

Or develop it and flat out lie.

Mintap 48 points 1 day ago + 48 / - 0

AI concludes: Passports for everyone. Everyone gets a pass!

if unvaxt:

print('you are a supreme Chad')

if vaxt:

print('u r a turbofaggot') Mintap 21 points 1 day ago + 21 / - 0

if vaxt:

vaxt = random(0,1)

That looks similar the logic for the COVID-1984 "tests".


Turbofaggot. That's a new one to me. I'm writing that one down.

Yeah, just false positive everyone. Yay, we reached 100% vaccination Joe!

No lying. That’s how we got here.

Fuck it. Build the site and let your employer know that everybody is vaccinated.

Everyone except the C suite executives and HR.

public static bool IsVaccinated(string userId)
return true;

You are very brave and I hope more Americans are like you. At my wife’s company they told them they wanted managers to be responsible for their teams “showing them their (Covid vax) papers”. My wife who is not a political person at all and she really just goes with the flow, she actually took a stand and said she would absolutely not do that and then two other managers in the meeting joined her and said they would also not be doing that. It derailed the meeting and after it was over my wife contacted a company leader who was on vacation and told him what she was asked to do and that it’s immoral and potentially offensive to someone with connection to the holocaust. This resulted in the person who ordered the meeting and policies to be reprimanded and it completely de railed any company vaccine mandates of any kind until at least January 2022.

All because my wife said NO.

ikuyas 3 points 23 hours ago + 3 / - 0

Thanks brother for telling us the story.

YES!!! We are the majority. Don't believe these people that talk as if we have already lost or that we are outnumbered. That is what they want us to think. That we HAVE to go along, we've already lost, our ideas are unpopular, our only option is to accept it. It's part of the plan. Everything they push is based on lies and misrepresentations. The Constitution and Truth are on our side.

The only problem is "your principles" aren't usually enough to keep them from making a business decision. They will either contract it out, or replace you.

What might have been a better approach is to cite some specific law or case law that it violates and say you cannot do it because it would be illegal. Either way, thank you for standing up for your principles. This whole vaccine retardation is insane

Religious exemption or ethical exemption

Good job mate. Stay strong and hold your ground. don't let money corrupt your principles.

Print out and use QR codes and screw around with them
just enough that they won't scan.
Oh well.

1 in 5 chance of the QR code redirecting to here when scanned

I would code it with backdoors and make it totally fucked up.

My company asked me if we had the capability to make contact tracing software. I lied and said no. lol.

May I suggest . . . burning that place to the ground.

Good luck and Godspeed, patriot. Hope HR doesn't place an ad for one of those fresh off the plane, foreign national IT guys cause Apu doesn't love America

Software pede here too. Only person that can code. Very similar situation.

Threatened walkout if they implemented vaccine mandate.

They caved.

Tech pedes 💪💪

You should just make one that doesnt work

Is this the same supervisor who has the child pornography on his computer?

So the River Kwai needs a bridge. What to do, what to do....

This is the way! We are SNEK!

Hi, this is your new co-worker, Pajeet.

He will be assisting you in doing the needful (head shimmy).

Stay true to yourself. Good luck! <3

Back door for non vax’d to get passports. Ya know a glitch.

Or maybe go the Obama care website route, make them pay dearly for your work but produce utter garbage that doesn't work at all

Tell them you will but just make it host religious vaccine exemption documents.

Mintap 9 points 1 day ago + 10 / - 1

...and nuremberg principles

We love you for anything you can do to hinder, sabotage, delay or injure this insidious CREEP that that is covid, government overreach and tyranny :)

Damn, You fucked up man. Should have went forward with it.

All the power of the passport system in your hands. Imagine the shit you could pull with it. Its was a weapon you could use against them without them knowing.

"I don't know why everyone who got the vaxx is locked out of their work and had their pay withheld!" LOL

"I don't know why everyone who got the vaxx is now being bombarded by Nigerian Prince money laundering emails!" LOL

Holy Shit, if Hollyweird wasn't a pedo paradise THIS would make for the most based sequel to Office Space of all time! Like Burn After Reading with an actual story! What a shame they're such evil faggots.

Alas you'll have to be content with patriotic shitposts and updoots from frens.

Record every talk you have about it. That's golden content

Luck? You don't need luck. You need to keep your spine straight .

Or make it so it's super easy to defeat.

Pepega 4 points 1 day ago + 4 / - 0



I'm thinking of a scene out of Fight Club for some reason.

Interested in a start up of patriots who are tech Bubbas too?


Fuck yeah. Make it look pretty, but completely useless, then bill the hell outta them hour wise.

Unfortunately my boss is the one who interacts directly with the client and is technical enough to discuss the big picture on it.

I’m the only person in the building who can code and if it weren’t for me this place would burn to the ground.

All the same, keep that resume' up to date. Just in case. Your employer might not be a hundred percent rational--and, as we've already seen, there are some companies out there that will gladly "go broke" in order to "get woke". Maybe they're true believers, or maybe they're simply afraid of getting their head office burned down by antifa, or maybe they're genuinely terrified of the covids and think a vax passport will stop it (it won't).

Nice job taking a stand fren. Good luck and God bless.

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