K&C Cattle Co.


K&C Cattle Co. is dedicated to
raising high-quality beef & pork.

We take pride in the quality of the meat we produce. Our beef is pasture raised, with no antibiotics and no growth hormones. We grain finish our cattle the last 90 days before slaughter to enhance marbling, efficiency, and consistency.
Our beef is guaranteed to grade Choice or Prime.

We deliver locally & ship all over Texas.

We currently are unable to ship nationwide due to perishable shipping issues.


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Our Meat Bundles

Our beef bundles are perfect for someone with a family to feed, a meat connoisseur that wants to try it all, or a small business owner that wants to give a gift to a top tier client. Unlike a super market that has the ability to only sell steaks, we build these bundles to utilize the entire carcass of an animal and to minimize our carbon footprint. Because we only get 24-26 Ribeyes per carcass and 24-26 NY Strips, we utilize those cuts in our bundles.

A La Carte Cuts Menu

Our A La Carte Cuts Menu is great for families and individuals who
want a more custom meat order.

Locally bred, locally fed.

What Our Customers are Saying on Facebook

“I’ve ordered steaks from all the online services, local butchers, out of state butchers etc..... K &C beats them all. The cuts are thick, substantial cuts of meat. Each steak is individually packaged and ready for the freezer. The marbling and tenderness on every steak I’ve cooked is steakhouse quality. I love to support local and these guys are more than deserving with their high quality product....I’ll be a long time customer of K&C.” - Aaron Robinson

“When Texas was covered in ice and snow with no food available at the grocery stores they were here to help! K & C delivered our meat while the roads were still iced over. They stayed in contact after ordering to make sure we were aware they were on the way. They arrived when they said they would. I have 0 complaints and 100% praise for this company. The meat is 10 times better than the grocery stores "prime" or "butcher select". I highly recommend this company to anyone. Stellar customer service to boot. I'm already a repeat customer” - Cheryl Featherson

“We cooked a couple of your ribeye steaks tonight and I can honestly say it was the best steak I've ever eaten. Extremely tender, full of flavor, absolutely delicious. I am hooked! Keep doing whatever you're doing, it's perfect.” - Rachel Vickers