21,000% Price Increase on Unvaccinated Sperm — The Sodom Sun

“It’s the new white gold. Forget about BitCoin; the real money is in unvaccinated sperm,” shared Sam Yankwell of a local sperm bank, GoodSeed 4U.

“Nobody’s interested in post-jab material; all they care about is pre-Covid and certified unvaccinated samples. Our phones are ringing off the hook!”

Are these customers educated on the science?

“Our customers are from the highest educated demographic. In fact, our first customers were the very scientists and manufacturers paid to formulate the Covid jabs. They understand the human tests were skipped before rushing to market the various concoctions referred to as “vaccines.”

Is there anything else contributing to increased demand?

“Post-2020 unvaccinated donors have the added benefits of screening for higher IQs, logical thinking skills, and independent thought. After all, why opt to inject oneself with untested material when doing nothing at all entails practically no risk? Add to that the likely attainment of life-long immunity for most of the population, and you can see why our more logically thinking donors have come to this conclusion.”

“We’re planning to offer unvaccinated donors an incentive to come in regularly. Then, of course, we’ll have to compete with UBI, unemployment, and free state handouts, but we’re determined to come up with a plan to foster the next generation with GoodSeed.”