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I picked up a dose of a viral infection the day before yesterday, it might have been when I was out shopping or at the doctor’s surgery – I have NOT had the vaccine and won’t if I can avoid it “here”

I had the peppery feeling in my nose, which usually suggests a cold, so I did my salt water sniffle, which I repeat below, and had a slight reaction to the salt, so I did my salt water treatment again, straight afterwards and this time I had a strong reaction to the salt, from my left nostril right up into my hair line – I would describe it best if I could have split my head in two equal halves, the left half was the sore side, in my brain and to the top of my skull the right half was clear – I have NEVER had that experience previously with my salt water sniffle.

I left the salt in my head for another couple of hours and I had a slight head-achy feel at the top part of my head, which another salt water cure erased and afterwards I blew out my nose and flushed away, washing my hands afterwards.

This morning I had my salt water sniffle and no reaction at all to it, which means I had cleared the viral infection and just to be sure I had another salt water sniffle a couple of hours ago and still OK, so I have passed the virus – killed it dead in my head and of course I won’t get Covid anything – bearing in mind that the virus could have been for any viral illness, Alzheimers, Chicken Pox, Legionnaires Disease, The Flu or Coronavirus relating to Covid or just about anything – have to see if any “new” viral infection is reported locally over the next few days or so.

My point being that if you think you have even the slightest reason to think you have picked up a viral infection, do my free salt water cure and stay healthy and safe, because this works and why I never get sick from viruses these past 27 years and I never have vaccines for Flu or Coronavirus type illnesses – because I remain well and am never ill, so what is the point?

The assumption is that the only way to deal with Covid, is after it arrives as Covid in your body, after the initial cold infection, in your head, some 20 days earlier

.Why is that?

Kill the Flu or Coronavirus in the head, soon after getting the virus in the nasal passages inside the head, the brain bulb and brain stem, etc, with my free salt water cure, which flushes out the nasal passages (so no Long Covid) and kills off the Coronavirus infection, immediately, or during the 10 to 14 days of self isolation.

No infection in the head, no Covid – it is as simple as that.

Then the purpose and functions of the vaccines, ceases to be a problem and you simply can’t get sick and won’t ever get Covid.

Mix one heaped teaspoon of “iodine” table or sea salt in a mug of warm or cold “clean” water, cup a hand and pour some of the solution in, then sniff or snort that mugful up into your nose, spitting out everything which comes down into your mouth, from the back of your throat, by so doing, you flush out your nasal cavity, where Coronavirus lives.

If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection.

When the soreness goes away, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and continue doing my salt clean water nasal cavity flush cure, morning, noon and night, or more often, if you want, until, when you do my free salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all in your nasal cavity inside your head.

While you are at it, swallow a couple of mouthfuls and if you get a burning sensation in your chest, then you are killing the Covid/Pneumonia there too, so keep it up, each time you do a salt water sniffle, until the soreness in your head and lungs goes away – job done.

When you flush your head with the salt water remedy, it should feel like you are flushing your head with water – no reaction felt at all.

I have been doing this for 27 years and I am never ill from viruses and there is no reason for anyone else to be either and of course, I never have vaccines – what is the point?

You don’t need to be tested to see if you have a head infection, you will know instantly if you have or not, with my free salt water cure

We will need a cure for Coronavirus or the Flu, which everyone will get sooner or later and this is it – my Covid Crusher.

Pass it around to everyone and take credit for it yourself, if you want.


Covid is not ever going away, it is just going to get stronger and more effective in killing you and like the latest variant R.30, it overpowers vaccines easy, it is not a matter of how, but when, it, or something similar, decides to kill YOU.
“Endemic” is a polite way of washing hands of the situation and passing the buck to you, the job has been done, everyone is vaccinated (not me) – now we have to find out why?
What it means to have a Covid jab – never been used in humans before, never been tested in lab animals, not known what the outcome will be, not responsible for whatever it does, your health and financial issues your problem, once in can’t take out, might kill you sooner or later, possibly give you life threatening injuries which will kill you eventually and it lasts for 2-6 months and then you have to have booster shots, for as long as it lets you live and it took a couple of hours to design on a home computer AND you are ordered to take it, bullied, threatened and isolated by your government if you don’t.
Now you have a cure for all viruses, which is free and costs nothing to do, which works 100% and it has not killed or injured anyone, over the past 27 years I/We have been doing it and you can’t ever get Covid or viruses, anything, because that is a physical impossibility AND it is the only way to stop the “Coronavirus” pandemic dead, long before it gets to be Covid AND for free!!
Covid Crusher: Mix one heaped teaspoon of Iodine table or sea salt in a mug of warm clean water, cup a hand and sniff or snort the entire mugful up your nose, spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth. If sore, then you have a virus, so continue morning noon and night, or more often if you want, until the soreness goes away (2-3 minutes) then blow out your nose and flush away, washing your hands afterwards, until when you do my simple cure, you don’t have any soreness at all, when you flush – job done. Also swallow a couple of mouthfuls of salt water and if you have burning in your lungs, salt killing virus and pneumonia there too.
My simple salt water cure, kills all Coronaviruses and viruses, as soon as you think you have an infection, or while self isolating, before the viruses mutate into the disease in your head and body, for which there is no cure.
In another life, I am a jumper too, lucky for me, I had an out of body experience before I jumped, otherwise I would not be “here” now!!