Texas could repeat its electricity crisis if extreme weather hits this winter - CNN

Mark Majkrzak gives out water bottles to people in Austin, Texas, on Friday, February 19. Majkrzak, the founder of Rain Pure Mountain Spring Water, said he drove from Georgia to deliver the water.

Brendan Waldon repairs a utility pole in Odessa, Texas, on Thursday, February 18.

Deloris Sanchez and Mallissa Lee sit on a couch while taking shelter at a Gallery Furniture store that was serving as a warming station in Houston.

Vehicles are at a standstill Thursday on Interstate 35 in Killeen, Texas.

City workers repair a busted water main in McComb, Mississippi, on Thursday.

Metropolitan Transit Authority workers shovel the stairs of a subway station in New York City on Thursday.

Emanuale Small walks up to a bus station in Roanoke, Virginia, on Thursday. Small had to make it to a doctor's appointment, and he was told they would push the time back a little for him so he could still make it despite the icy conditions.

People take refuge at a shelter in Galveston, Texas, on Thursday.

Cars drive slowly on an icy road in Washington, DC, on Thursday.

Jose Blanco fills a cooler with water from a public park spigot in Houston on Thursday. Houston and several surrounding cities were under a boil-water notice.

Snow falls in New York's Times Square on Thursday.

Snow is plowed outside the US Capitol on Thursday.

Jonathan Callahan expresses his gratitude after being referred to the warming shelter at the Johnnie Champion Community Center in Jackson, Mississippi, on Wednesday, February 17. Some people staying at the shelter had lost power, water and heat at their homes following the winter storms. Others were homeless. Food, blankets and cots were provided.

Charles Andrews walks home through his neighborhood in Waco, Texas, on Wednesday. Millions of people were still without power.

Nathan Halaney and Katherine Pena help their neighbor, Brenda Davis, from the scene of a nearby structure fire in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday.

Eric Traugott warms up his young son, Eric Jr., beside a fire made from a discarded wooden armoire outside of their apartment in Austin on Wednesday.

Downed and broken trees are seen over a rest stop in Huntington, West Virginia, on Wednesday.

Sara Castillo loads firewood into her car in Dallas on Wednesday. Castillo's family lost their power on Sunday.

Customers wait outside a Home Depot to buy supplies in Pearland, Texas, on Wednesday. The store would let only one person in at a time because it had no power.

A family in Austin melts snow on their stove so that they could have water to flush toilets and wash dishes on Wednesday. Their electricity had been restored, but they still didn't have running water.

Kendra Clements visits dog owner Billy Madden -- with his dogs Leroy Brown and Underdog -- at Tribe Gym, an Oklahoma City gym that has been turned into a temporary homeless shelter.

Manessa Grady adjusts an oil lamp while spending time with her sons Zechariah and Noah at their home in Austin on Tuesday, February 16.

Maria Patterson breastfeeds her infant daughter Tuesday at their home in Austin, which hadn't had power since Sunday night.

Electric service trucks line up in Fort Worth, Texas, on Tuesday.

Karla Perez and Esperanza Gonzalez warm up by a barbecue grill after their power was knocked out in Houston on Tuesday.

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon stands on his kitchen counter to warm his feet over his gas stove in Austin.

Sunlight filters through steam in Omaha, Nebraska, where temperatures dropped below zero on Tuesday.

Camilla Swindle sits in a shopping cart as she and her boyfriend wait in a long line to enter a grocery store in Austin on Tuesday.

Brett Archibad entertains his family as they try to stay warm in their home in Pflugerville, Texas, on Tuesday.

Residents clear snow from a sidewalk in Chicago on Tuesday.

Customers use light from a cell phone as they shop for meat at a grocery store in Dallas on Tuesday. Even though the store lost power, it was open for cash-only sales.

A United Airlines jet is de-iced at the George Bush International Airport in Houston.

A snow plow clears a parking lot in Columbus, Ohio, early on Tuesday.

City worker Kaleb Love works to clear ice from a water fountain in Richardson, Texas, on Tuesday.

Steam rises off the frozen Missouri River in Kansas City.

Bethany Fischer washes her face as her husband, Nic, lies on a mattress at a church in Houston on Tuesday. The couple lost power to their home.

Homes in the Westbury neighborhood of Houston are covered in snow on Monday, February 15.

James Derrick, who is homeless, peeks out of his tent in Oklahoma City on Monday. The city had gone a record five days without climbing over 20 degrees, and it wasn't expected to top that temperature until Thursday.

Motorists take it slow in Indianapolis on Monday.

A city employee clears sidewalks in South Bend, Indiana, on Monday.

Austin, Texas, is blanketed in snow on Monday.

Eithan Colindres wears a winter coat inside after his family's apartment lost power in Houston on Monday.

Two women cross Main Street as snow falls in Bowling Green, Ohio, on Monday.

A boy feeds his pigs in St. Joe, Arkansas, on Monday.

Ice coats a road sign in Midland, Texas, on Monday.

Kirk Caudill shovels snow in Louisville, Kentucky.

Vehicles clear ice at the international airport in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday.

Crews unload snow that they removed from city streets in Oklahoma City.

People help a stuck motorist in Oklahoma City on Monday.

People walk on a snowy road in Austin on Monday.

Men shovel ice and snow in front of shops in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday.

A few cars drive in San Angelo, Texas, on Sunday, February 14.

People enter a Covid-19 testing site in Seattle on Saturday, February 13. Seattle reported more than 11 inches of snow over the weekend, its most since January 1972.

Harrison Walsh skis by Seattle's Pike Place Market on Saturday.

Cars drive along Interstate 705 as snow falls in Tacoma, Washington, on Saturday.