UTILIKILTS - American Made Utility Kilts for Everyday Wear


The Utilikilts San Francisco Store is now closed. As in closed-closed. We will be opening up a in new location in the future for all you Bay Area Utilikilarians. So stayed tuned. In the meantime, get your UK fix at the Utilikilts Flagship Retail Store in Seattle, and on here, Utilikilts.com.

ALL NEW EVERYTHING: News, Employees, Contests, Contest Winners, and me: Your brand new confidant.Enjoy.Read the BRAND NEW Winter 2012 Anti-Catalogue NOW.

To make room for our new 2013 designs and colors, we have retired all colors of the Mocker besides the Black and Black Pinstripe, and are now selling them, along with our Camo kilts, at a new discount price!Pinstripe Grey, Cream, Thunder Grey, Olive, Tan, and Heather Grey (Sold Out!) Mockers are available for 50% [...]