Who’s Worried About Security of Personal Information? | Customer Experience Matters

There’s been a lot of discussion about personal information security lately, so I decided to dig into Temkin Group’s Consumer Benchmark Studies. In our Q1 2013 study of 10,000 U.S. consumers, 68.7% of consumers agree with the statement “I worry about the security of my personal information” and 29.0% strongly agree. It turns out that this level of concern has declined from our Q1 2012 study which showed that 69.6% agreed and 32.6% strongly agreed with the statement.

We examined the 2013 data by different demographic segments and found that:

We also examined the data by groups of consumers who had recently interacted with 272 organizations. This analysis shows that:

Download data for 272 organizations

The bottom line: Two-thirds of consumers are worried about personal information security

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