Crimes of The Times: Nairobi, Kenya Westgate Mall Attack: Here's What The New York Times Does Not Want You To Know

Make no mistake: in the shocking video below, every single one of those looting Kenyan soldiers is wearing (probably Chinese-made) uniforms and carrying (likely Chinese-made) automatic rifles, that were paid for by white people from Europe and the United States.

The verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times attempt to use every incident of bestial criminality like the Westgate mall Massacre to further relativize the immutability of the Natural Order, and conceal the Indian caste-like hierarchy of mankind that exists in reality but not in the wishful-thinking minds of the One Worlder competitive compassion athlete pussies at Amerika's Newspaper of Record.

The siege of the Westgate by four skinny 20 year-old Shababs with machine guns only lasted for three full days, because Kenya's rank and file military went on a looting spree of phenomenal proportion.

Here's proof :

Note : the one Kenyan looter soldier that steps in that wide pool of blood right behind the elephant, as he sidles up to an item on display on the counter (which he decided wasn't worth stealing), is walking in the blood of a man whose execution can be seen in the video below.

Presumably, the executed man's body had been dragged away by the time the video footage above recorded the Kenyan army looting spree.