Qatar DNS hacked by Syrian Electronic Army -Facebook, Google Defaced Briefly - ArabCrunch

Pro Bashar Al Assad Regime Syrian hacker propagandist group ” Syrian electronic army ” has used “DNS hijack attack” and compromise the Qatar Domain registrar “” The hackers successfully managed to change the DNS records of high profile websites and defaced them for about a day. The list of affected websites includes Government and Military websites, Google Qatar, Facebook Qatar, Vodafone Qatar and more websites.

All defaced sites were restored today. In a talk to E Hacking News, SEA said that they have gained access to the registry administration by hacking ‘’ and decrypting the passwords and then they logged to their emails. -

“All the world know that Qatar is supporting the terrorists in Syria and today was the zero-day for them” SEA told EHN.

Wondering who the terrorist! Bashar Al Assad regime has killed over 120,000 civilians in Syria many of them are women and children. The regime is currently leading a siege against the country side of the capital Damascus in an area called “Al Ghota” where people are starving which led to a Fatwa to be declared to allow Syrian under siege to eat cats, dogs and donkeys to stay alive!

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