Hillary Clinton's Disease

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter......

As the gossip of Russian Limbaugh is about the gossip of Hillary Clinton's health in a whispering campaign by Joe Biden and the Obama campaign, the ailents upon inquiry are as follows.

Dame Hamrod has:

1. Heart Trouble.2. Vision Trouble.3. Blockage in her veins4. Ovarian cysts which trend toward cancer. (These are unknown).

The heart is due to an elargement. She has no fluid build up.

She has two arteries blocked, 40% and 80%.

The vision is just old age.

She has a 20% chance of the ovarian cysts becoming cancerous.

To be fair Joe Biden has a 50% chance or more aneurysms, and has one in his heart area.

Enough said as I do not care, except for finding the Truth, and as no people with money care to donate, I pray for a drought of the Word of the Lord, as I will have the answers and darkness can reign again.