Barack Obama Skips National Security Meeting While Putin Moves On Ukraine

WTF???????  Even for an incompetent boob who hides behind the man pants of Valerie Jarrett, this is behavior bordering on the bizarre – behavior that is signaling to the world, “Don’t worry about America, we won’t do sh*t.”  If Congress had more true leaders and far fewer gutless politicians, they would, at the very least, be calling for a competence review of one Barack H. Obama.  Russia is massing troops, and Barack Obama can’t be bothered to sit in a on briefing of what is happening?  Not since Nero has a world leader shown so little regard for the safety and well being of his own people, and allies.


(via The Weekly Standard)

A White House official emailed some reporters to say that President Obama’s team met today to discuss the ongoing situation on Ukraine. It appears President Obama did not attend.

“The President’s national security team met today to receive an update on the situation in Ukraine and discuss potential policy options. We will provide further updates later this afternoon,” reads the full statement.

According to Time magazine’s Zeke Miller, Obama skipped the meeting. “Obama did not attend the meeting, but WH official says he has been briefed by Susan Rice and his national security team,” says Miller.  LINK


Susan Rice is said to have “briefed” the president.  The same Susan Rice who went out after the Benghazi Massacre and repeated time and again the lie that it was NOT a terrorist attack, but rather a demonstration by some angry Muslims over a YouTube video, even though our own military intelligence called it a terrorist attack as it was happening in real time.

Also note how the White House says he did not attend the briefing by his national security team, but then later, a WH official says that the president “has been briefed by Susan Rice and his national security team.”


Susan Rice isn’t updating Barack Obama, she’s updating Valerie Jarrett, because it is Jarrett who placed Rice in the position of spokesperson after the Benghazi Massacre, it is Jarrett who rewarded Rice for her lying performance by making her national security adviser, and it is Jarrett who is now overseeing the weak, conflicting, and ultimately very dangerous, reaction/non-reaction that has been the United States’ position regarding recent events in Europe.

Valerie Jarrett is the first unelected President of the United States.  Guess that makes her a full on dictator then.

Anyone catch her highly defensive “I’m the one in charge here” performance with Bill O’Reilly this past week?  If you’ve never actually seen how Valerie Jarrett operates, it’s a good look at who has been running this country that last five years.