Washington Asks Saudi Arabia to Finance the Crisis in Ukraine

By DNA | March 11, 2014

(whatsupic) – Washington asks Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait to contribute $15 billion in a package of financial assistance to help Ukraine’s struggling economy.

The European diplomats revealed that after the Ukrainian Finance Minister declared Kiev is in dire need for international urgent aid, Washington urged certain rich Arab counties including K.S.A, Qatar and Kuwait to set up an aid fund in order to save Ukraine from an economic catastrophe.

According to the divulged confidential information, Washington exhorted PGCC Arab countries to donate around $15 billion while U.S. and other Western countries pledged to provide Kiev with $10 billion in loans and grants over the coming 3 years.

According to EU sources, the U.S. State Department officials informed the pertinent authorities in Riyadh, Doha and Kuwait city that they must make financial contributions in an attempt to curry support for the new admiration in Kiev and to create a fallacious belief that deadly unrest salvaged Ukraine from Russian domination and also the political and financial disengagement from Moscow will provide jobs for tens of thousands unemployed young Ukrainians.

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