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Putin Scorns Kerry’s ThreatsBy Brother Nathanael KapnerMarch 14, 2014©

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IF YOU THINK PUTINfears Kerry’s threats, then you don’t understand Vladimir Putin, the Russian mind, or Russian politics.

While most Americans couldn’t locate Ukraine on a map, the Jew-lying press tells the Goyim how they must react to ‘boogie man’ Putin and his so-called ‘invasion’ of Crimea.

(99.9% of Americans never knew Crimea even existed until two weeks ago.)

In spite of Kerry’s latest threat: “Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine,” a backlash has already begun in America by US business groups opposing his twaddle.

Both PepsiCo and General Electric warned Kerry that sanctions would backfire by putting tens of billions of dollars of US investment and trade at risk of retaliation.

PepsiCo, the largest beverage company in Russia, said its earnings of $4.8 billion (in 2012) would be compromised — and General Electric’s joint venture with two Russian firms to manufacture gas turbines in Rybinsk would suffer.

Ford Motor’s partnership with the Sollers car company would come to a grinding halt and Boeing, a top exporter to Russia, would see its trade with Russia stopped.

“There are two ways America gets hurt in a game like this. One is by sanctions, that puts our members out of business, the other is by Russian retaliation,” said William Reinsch, head of the National Foreign Trade Council.

Billions of US dollars are intertwined in Russia.

According to Ernst & Young, the auto industry alone is worth $75 billion a year with large investments from Ford and VW.

Problem is, Jews (they rule America) FEAR Putin so much they will trash American business interests if they can only ‘get back’ at Putin for defying their global agenda.

But Putin is too smart for Christ-slaying Jews infected with the Deicidal curse for their corporate guilt of crucifying Jesus Christ.

Mr Putin will certainly welcome Crimea with open arms once the anticipated positive vote in this Sunday’s referendum is tallied. Go get ‘em Vladimir! Watch VideoHere.

This will drive the accursed Jews into hysterics with shrieks of war where only the Goyim die young. Jews let the Goys do their dirty work for them…they do NOT send their own to die in their wars.


AS FOR MERKEL, she can tout the Jew-fed line of ‘massive damage’ to Russia until the kosher cows come home.

For with Putin exporting 40 percent of Europe’s energy needs, Merkel has to play both sides: Jewry pumps dollars to keep its German colony in line and Russia pumps gas that keeps German homes heated.

“Sanctions on Russia would neither be desirable nor effective or implementable,” said Michael Harms, head of the German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade.

Companies like BASF, Stada Arzneimittel AG, (Germany’s biggest generic-drug maker), and Volkswagen, who enjoy part of Berlin’s 31 percent of EU’s trade with Russia, would see their huge piece of the pie swallowed up.

Already, Europe is feeling the negative effects of Merkel’s and Kerry’s threats.

Russian companies such as Lukoil are pulling billions out of western banks, anticipating that sanctions will lead to asset freezes.

IS PUTIN AFRAID of the big bad Jew wolf? No…Putin fears no one but Christ.

Are US and EU businesses afraid of the Jew wolf? Yes.

When will they realize that what’s good for the Jews is BAD for everyone else?


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Brother Nathanael @ March 14, 2014