Pathetic Dems Ignore IRS Abuses – Claim Investigation Is Racist (VIDEO)

House Democrats managed to stoop to a new low this week, staging a pathetic anti-Darrell Issa rally on the House floor.  Congressman Issa, as Chair of the House Oversight committee, has been working diligently trying to find out how far the IRS abuses went over the past few years.  It is an investigation that resulted in IRS official Lois Lerner pleading the 5th, indicating there is certainly something to the now many claims from various conservative groups that they have been relentlessly targeted by the Obama IRS machine.  Democrats, clearly panicked by what this investigation might ultimately uncover, are now targeting Issa himself, and not the IRS, hinting the California Republican is racist for cutting off the microphone of Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings as Cummings attempted to use the committee hearing as a platform to make a pro-Obama political statement.  Below is video of the House Democrats protesting Issa’s actions, once again using race as a means to try and silence any opposition to the abuses of the Obama White House:

Congressman Cummings outraged that he was not allowed to waste committee time making a pro-Obama political statement.

House Democrats then attempted this week, (and will likely repeat the claim often this weekend) to paint Republican Darrell Issa as racist for doing his job as committee chair, and not allowing time to be wasted turning an investigation into a political hack side show.  The staged “protest” did nothing but further divide the House, which is exactly what the Obama White House intends, as the House is the only body of government willing to put up any defense against the continued tyranny of the Obama regime, though it has found itself repeatedly shackled by the Harry Reid-Democrat controlled Senate.




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