VIDEO-Listen: Adam Carolla Discusses His Fight Against Patent Trolls

On Dennis Prager’s radio show earlier this week, comedian and top podcaster Adam Carolla explained his efforts to take on patent trolls, which includes an event in Redondo Beach, CA next week. 

“What’s at stake for them is everything that they think is free that they currently listen to may not be free if these guys win because most shows, your show I’m guessing included, ends up on the Internet,” Carolla said. “And if they can take us down, they can take anyone down and they will just go after everybody. So we need to win to set a precedent.” 

“Once you try to sue Adam Carolla’s podcast, you can’t go to Joe Wootchie Scootch’s podcast and sue him if you just lost to me with the same patent, obviously,” he added. “It’s precedent. It’s not going to work.” 

“They set up in East Texas,” he said. “It’s all the things you hate about lawyers and where this country is going. They find a town that is friendly to them with judges and folks like that and they start their little cottage industry, which is not producing anything – just getting in between somebody that produces and somebody that consumes and wetting their beak. I say all the time, ‘How long are these guys going to sit around and watch people have an open exchange on the Internet and have money go back and forth without them going, ‘How do we get involved with this?’’ You know there’s a whole segment of our society that does nothing but get in between people – that I have an idea, you have a wallet. Somehow this person is going to insert themselves – I mean, this is what the state does. This is what our government more and more is doing and now it’s what attorneys are doing.” 

(h/t Hashtag Productions)

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