The UK's biggest gas company Centrica will start importing Russian gas from October 2014, Reuters reports.

UK to start directly buying Russian gas

(Thanks to dognamedblue for the link)Europe needs Russia's gas!

Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania rely 100% on Russian gas. 

Gas reliance on Russia is 93% in Slovakia, 83% in Poland, 81% in Hungary, 66% in the Czech Republic and 61% in Austria.Ukraine's prime monster, Arse Yatsenyuk, says Russia could use energy as a 'new nuclear weapon'.

Europe - gas dependence on Russia, 

Who gains if European countries switch their gas supplier?

Europe could get gas fromthe US and Qatar

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"Russia's two metal giants have emerged as big winners from Indonesia's new mining law, after leading a drive to get Jakarta to stick to its controversial mineral ore export ban in the face of opposition from miners and Asian buyers.

"In its six-month lobbying campaign last year, United Company Rusal and Norilsk Nickel delivered a blunt message to Indonesian officials: We will only invest billions of dollars in smelters if you ban bauxite and nickel ore exports."

Russia's leading role in the Indonesian mining revolution