VIDEO-Message to the Romanian Public

This is an important year for Romania and for the transatlantic relationship. As Romania celebrates 10 years in NATO, the United States is grateful for your country's commitment to our alliance and to all we have done together to support peace, freedom, and democracy at home and abroad.

Today, we are all watching events in Ukraine with concern, and we have jointly condemned Russia's military aggression and its attempt to annex Crimea. Together we also stand with the Ukrainian people as they seek to build a more peaceful, united, democratic and prosperous future.

Over the past 10 years as NATO allies, Romania and the United States have worked together in the Balkans, in Afghanistan, in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. And as NATO allies we have made a solemn commitment to each other under article 5 of the NATO treaty. Today, I want to reaffirm to the Romanian people that the United States honors its commitments.

The United States stands by Romania as a friend and an ally, and we look forward to continuing to broaden and deepen the very important work that we do together.

Thank you.

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