Common Core Worksheet Asks Fourth-Graders To Describe Story About Adultery… | Weasel Zippers

At first I thought this had to be a hoax, it is not. The story itself is from last year but our friends at Liberty Unyielding posted about it today.

Here is the worksheet:

The text of the question:

Ruby sat on the bed she shared with her husband holding a hairclip. There was something mysterious and powerful about the cheaply manufactured neon clip that she was fondling in her newly suspicious palms. She didn’t recognize the hairclip. It was too big to be their daughter’s, and Ruby was sure that it wasn’t hers. She hadn’t had friends over in weeks but here was this hairclip, little and green with a few long black hair strands caught in it. Ruby ran her fingers through her own blonde hair. She had just been vacuuming when she noticed this small, bright green object under the bed. Now their life would never be the same. She would wait here until Mike returned home.

Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to put a question like that into a grade school assignment?