1. On 28 April 2011, Liberation conducted an interview with Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

(«Oui, j'aime les femmes, et alors?» - Libération)

Strauss-Kahn told Liberation that he had strong evidence that he was being watched.

He referred to Sarkozy's Interior Minister.

He told Liberation that he imagined a scenario in which a woman is bribed with one million Euros.This woman would then lie about being a rape victim.

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Thanks to Penny for bringing the following to our attention (Banker vs Banker - Dominique Strauss Kahn vs Ben Bernanke.):

2. The IMF under Dominique Strauss Kahn has been planning to issue bonds that could compete with US treasuries.Countries and investors could buy SDR bonds rather than US treasuries.

"It will effectively end the USA's ability to print off the debt."

(Was IMF Head Dominique Strauss Kahn arrested over SDR Bonds?)

3. "Unhappy with the U.S. dollar-dominated global monetary system in place today, officials in China and Russia and some economists have called for the enhanced use of the IMF's SDRas a global currency – the belief being that, backed by an impartial institution, it would be more stable than the greenback, which is governed by national policies crafted to a great degree by the Fed." (What Strauss-Kahn's arrest means for the IMF.)

4. From theGuardian:Strauss-Kahn allowed his staff earlier this year to attack the US, its main paymaster, for running a bigger budget deficit while others tried to reduce theirs.

He alsochanged the emphasis of the fund's lending from simply a means to impose neo-liberal capitalism on near-bankrupt victims, to a more sympathetic programme with less micro-management from Washington.

At the IMF's most recent conference in Washington, Strauss-Kahn stressed the failure of western governments to promote job creation as a means of safeguarding social democratic structures.

He feared the riots in Athens would spread across Europe.

Thanks to Penny for bringing all this to our attention(Banker vs Banker - Dominique Strauss Kahn vs Ben B...)


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