Google+ NASA Statement re Ukraine

So why all of you don't blame NASA for not working with North Korea. Kim Jong Un would love to get something from collaboration with NASA and describe this like his win over other countries in the world. That will bring his ruling of the country to alrighty level. Why it's not reasonably if other contries don't disagree and don't even ignore but just collaborate with him..

It's really wrong if it's one democratic party vs another tyope of conflict. Science should be independand and just be aside of political mess.But if it's people who just don't think that freedom of every human being is essence of humanity. But absolutely sure that it's even wrong. Because they know who they are and that people allowed them be in charge and be yourself. And that means that all this freedom spreading in the world is just another band like them trying to get more power. So need to go and try 'the same'...

When you allowing this you making them right.

The problem of people from US and EU is you don't even have the option in your heads of some things that are just a part of daily life in countries like Russia. You think Russia is just less developed europian country. But it's not even a freaking country, in civilized meaning of this word. It's territory with feodalism in it's purest form. With tsar with a freaking nuclear weapon above society with mentalitet of 17th century. They don't have positive message with everything that they doing right now. Everything is better we than others and whole anti-everything propaganda from society that didn't accoplished NOTHING. And don't want to do it because dont' even understand what they want. There is no ideology in the country. Part of them want communism, another part second nazi regime. The only thing that almost 100% of them hate is fredom (democracy and capitalism).

Would be better if NASA broke connections with Russia in ISS program either. Or who knows, some one could go to the ISS mission with one citizenship and back from the flight with a few wierd abrasions and another passport.  And his capsule on the ISS would change the flag either. Because someday it was Russian capsule.

ps: I'm a ukrainian, who speaks whole life on russian and who lives in really scary distance from Crimea, between closest russian borders and Crimea..(Btw i'm sorry for my awful English.)+1