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When Partners Come Together, a Choir Becomes a Chorus.

Powerful messaging is central to any winning campaign. But purposeful coordination can be the difference between a powerful message that fades away and one that turns into a crescendo of voices that can't be silenced. 

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Powerful Communities



Social Change Can Happen Faster When You Have a Formula

We know from experience that the right mix of powerful communities, innovation, and collaboration can yield transformative results--and we help it happen faster.

What We Do

Powerful Communities + Savvy Campaigns = Social Change

Powerful Communities leverage technology to identify and connect people who seek to create change in the world. Savvy campaigns aggregate and amplify the voices of concerned citizens channeling them to a tipping point moment. 

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Powerful Communities Grow Members and Strength Over Time

When organizations and leaders have the sustained resources they need to grow from one campaign to the next, they can become powerful forces of change for the long haul. 

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Pervasive Problems Require Distributed Solutions

Many societal problems are so widespread that they can seem insurmountable.  But by getting the right tools into the hands of passionate individuals and activated community groups, distributed organizing can help concerned citizens make an impact on the issues closest to their hearts, and their homes.

What We Do

Social Change Can Happen Faster Than You Think

If you can capture the hearts and minds of people, political change is possible. When authentic messengers share their stories and inspire communities to take action, systemic change becomes within reach.

What We Do

Reaching New Communities Calls for Testing New Tactics.

Sometimes, multiple pathways are required to meet people where they are and keep them connected. CEL helps organizations find the right mix of online and offline strategies to maximize their reach and accelerate their impact.  

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Large Scale Change Requires Innovative Solutions

We take an agile approach to social innovation.  CEL's innovation fellowship program allows leaders to design and test new strategies quickly so they can learn and improve before going all in.  

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When Leaders Get What They Need, Communities Get Results

CEL's resources and training empower leaders to turn organizing moments into longstanding movements. Our Powerful Communities program helps leaders and organizations go from good ideas to game-changing action.

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First You Build Power, Then You Build an Organization

CEL helps organizations scale quickly by handling back office responsibilities, allowing leaders to initially focus on campaigning. We handle the details at first so they don't get bogged down, helping accelerate their path to becoming powerful communities for change. 

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The Right Resources at the Right Time Can Make All the Difference.

Hitting a window of opportunity requires putting together all the pieces before it's too late.  CEL's experience working across the field helps projects know what existing tools they can leverage and what needs to be custom built, enabling campaigns and communities to launch faster. 

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We Have the Power to Amplify Voices and Shift Culture

Bold offline actions combined with savvy online organizing creates a potent combination to help new frames and messages get widespread adoption, faster.

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