CEL :: Board of Directors

Jessy Tolkan

Jessy Tolkan works as the Global Director of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development for two multi-national automakers.

While currently focused on creating massive shifts in the auto-industry with an eye towards ensuring a more sustainable planet, Jessy has spent the last decade as an activist and movement leader working to build progressive change in the United States. Most recently Jessy served as CEL’s Co-Executive Director. 

Prior to her leadership of Citizen Engagement lab she was a Senior Fellow with the New Organizing Institute where she focused on progressive infrastructure building, the 2012 youth vote, and the next steps for the climate & energy sector. Before switching her attention to the progressive movement at large, Jessy was the Executive Director for the Energy Action Coalition, a coalition of 50 leading youth organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2004, as state director for the New Voters Project, Jessy helped to register more than 130,000 young voters and produce one of the highest youth turnout rates in the country. 

Jessy has worked with some of the nation’s leading advocacy and grassroots organizations including: United States Student Association, Young Democrats of America, and Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. She received a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Political Science. In 2008, Rolling Stone Magazine named her one of the 100 agents of change in America.