VIDEO-'Dude, This Was Two Years Ago!': Fmr WH Security Spox Blusters Over '#TBT' Benghazi, Said Obama Not in Situation Room - Fox Nation

In a must-watch exchange, former NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor discussed the Benghazi terror attack of 2012 with FOX News Chief Political Anchor Bret Baier.

Baier asked about President Barack Obama's whereabouts the night of the attack, as well as whether Vietor had a hand in allegedly changing the White House's messaging directives following the tragedy.

"Did you change 'attacks' to 'demonstrations' in the talking points?" Baier pressed.

"Maybe, I don't remember," Vietor responded, "Dude, this was two years ago!" he said incredulously.

"Dude, it's the thing everyone's talking about," Baier said.

Vietor insisted that the email sparking recent news, sent by Obama adviser Ben Rhodes, spelled out "nothing new".

He also admitted that the president was not in the situation room on the night of the attack, saying only that the president was "in the White House"

The former spokesman also sent this 'Throwback Thursday' tweet prior to his interview:



Highlights courtesy Special Report:


Regrets the email didn’t come out earlier

BB:  Why did it take a FOIA and a judge to get this Ben Rhodes email? 18:10:48

TV: I don't know, I bet you every single person in that White House wished that email has been released earlier. 18:10:54 I wish it too because it tells us nothing new, 18:10:56 It tells us what we said privately was what we said publically, because that is what we though occured. 18:11:02 Ben's email clearly references protests plural because there were countless across the world. 18:11:08


          Vietor prepped Susan Rice, worried over violence

TV: 18:11:22 I was among the people who prepped Susan Rice. 18:11:25 and we talked about the protests were front and center in Ben's email because there was still concern about additional violence in the region. 18:11:35

BB: Let's go to the talking points.

18:11:35 The day of Ben's email, just I want to flag, which is Friday prayers in a number of countries like Pakistan and we were extremely worried 18:11:42


          Vietor on changing talking points

Q- 18:11:42 the 14th is the day that you are talking about 18:11:44 According to the emails and the timeline the CIA circulates new talking points after they have removed a mention of Al Qaida

TV: Yeah

BB and then at 6:21, the White House, you

TV: Me.

BB: add a line about the administration warning of Sept 10th of social media reports calling for demonstrations. True?

TV: I believe so.

BB: Did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? 18:12:08

TV: Maybe, I don't really remember.

BB: you dont remember?

TV:dude, this was like 2 years ago we're still talking about the most mundane

BB:Dude it is the thing that everyone is talking about

TV: We're talking about the process of editing talking points that's what bureaucrats do all day long, your producers edit scripts multiple times. 18:12:24


          President was in the White House but not the situation room.

BB 18:16:26 Where was the president?

TV: In the white House

BB: He wasn't in the situation room?

TV: At what point in the evening? He was constantly

BB: any point in the evening

TV: It is well known that when the attack was first briefed to him it was in the oval office and he was updated constantly. 18:16:40 During that briefing he told Tom Donilon and his Sec Def to start moving all military assets into the region. 18:16:49

BB: So when Hillary Clinton talks to him by phone at 10 pm, he is where?

TV: I don’t know, I don’t have a tracking device on him in the residence. 18:16:55

BB: But you were in the situation room and he wasn’t there?

TV: Yes, he was in the White House.

BB: and the President was not in the situation room?

TV: Not in the room I was in.