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Today the provisional government in Kiev launched a military offensive against the eastern city of Slavyansk using tanks and helicopters, but the mainstream media will never show you what actually happened.

After having made statements this past week indicating that they were abandoning their attempts to crush the rebels in the east, today Kiev has made a surprise about face, launching a third military offensive against the separatist uprising in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slavyansk. So far it hasn't been going very well. All reports coming out of the city show that the rebels are still in control. Between 2 and 3 helicopters were shot down (reports vary), and the armored vehicles have been obstructed by crowds of unarmed civilians who met the soldiers outside the town. The photographs and video of the situation on the ground right now are quite striking, but you can rest assured that the corporate media in the West won't show you these.

Unarmed civilians put themselves in the path of armored vehicles in their attempt to stop the Ukrainian military from entering Slavyansk. Below is the view from the side.

A view from another angle:

And up close (the woman's sign reads "We are peaceful people"):

So why is Kiev making this hail Mary now? Because the IMF warned them that they will lose the $17 billion dollar bailout if Kiev loses control of the east.

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