VIDEO-Maher: Anti-Islam YouTube Video Still to Blame for Benghazi Attack

Even though the White House has distanced itself from the claim, Maher used to rebut his guest, Reason’s Matt Welch, who said there was enough surrounding the circumstances of the Benghazi attack for an investigation, especially the YouTube video claim that then-U.N. ambassador Susan Rice and others had used.

“I just want to get to the point that you're making,” Maher said. “There is no there there. I’m sorry, sir, you're wrong about this. This idea that somehow the Obama’s and Hillary Clinton are guilty because they should have said ‘terror’ when they should have said mob or he should have said ‘terrorism’ when he said ‘act of terror’ is absolute nonsense. The New York Times did a very detailed study of this recently and it was that video, that video called, I think called ‘Innocence of Muslims’ that somebody made. It showed in America. There were riots in Cairo. It spread to all around the world and this latest smoking gun was just a memo from some guy who wasn't even about Benghazi specifically.”

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