What a Fucking Asshole @ggreenwald

Ever the huckster, Glenn Greenwald in GQ

I like to think of it as a fireworks show: You want to save your best for last. There’s a story that from the beginning I thought would be our biggest, and I’m saving that. The last one is the one where the sky is all covered in spectacular multicolored hues. This will be the finale, a big missing piece. Snowden knows about it and is excited about it.

Take your time, fellas. The show’s the important thing. In fact, it’s the only thing.

Still shame on me for nine months ago suggesting that Glenn’s drip-drip-drippery had a market-driven showbiz quality. Glenn was right to puke all over me about that, however dishonest, crazy and infantile it made him look at the time. After all, I was talking over the show. That’s rude.

In other news, some anons have called for a protest of Greenwald’s book tour. The tour commences today in New York at Cooper Union, where Greenwald’s First Look co-worker Matt Taibbi will administer an extended blowjob moderate a no-holds-barred discussion.


the sky all covered in spectacular multicolored hues – we hold each other tight, eyes filled with tears, overcome with joy, hope and gratitu—Walter Glass (@walterglass) May 13, 2014

we had misunderstood, and only then did we fully comprehend the depth of our error – this was not mere journalism, but something much grande—Walter Glass (@walterglass) May 13, 2014

we feel our chains slowly slacken as golden sunshine blankets the meadow – "what right have we to behold such beauty" we beseech our liberat—Walter Glass (@walterglass) May 13, 2014


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