In the BeginningIn Hirakata, Osaka, we opened for business 28 years ago. The year was 1983. The space presented "lifestyle navigation" to young adults through music, movies, and books. Not a bookstore, video store, or music store, "TSUTAYA" embodied a new concept. The space with the new concept caught on, and TSUTAYA locations sprouted nationwide. Today, there are 1,400 locations, patronized by over half of the nation's "20 something" adults.

The young adults who came to us for lifestyle navigation 28 years ago are now 50-something and 60-something years old. So we decided to re-invent lifestyle navigation for these adults--this time in Daikanyama of Tokyo, instead of Osaka. After three years of planning and building, DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS and adjoining DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN opened on December 5, 2011.

■ DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS ConceptDAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS, the TSUTAYA for grownups, is tied to the theme of "A Library in the Woods."Three building wings connect together along Magazine Street, a 55-meter long aisle that cuts through the middle at ground level. From this tree-trunk like artery, six book departments branch out by category. Café space is housed within the complex to allow for leisurely in-store browsing. Starbucks Coffee is served on the ground floor, and all reading materials can be enjoyed comfortably, even before purchasing.■ DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS Design The motif depicted like a laced façade on the white exteriors is the letter 'T.' This design by Klein Dytham Architecture was the winning submission from among 80 firms to the competitive architectural RFP. Kenya Hara supplied the communication design, and Tomoko Ikegai orchestrated the overall creative direction. DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS (T-SITE) received the only mention from Japan in Flavorpill's "The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World."

■ DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS -- But More than BooksBooks: A conglomerate of specialized categories, where Japanese, Western, and old titles are shelved together. Magazine Street is brimming with current issues of periodicals from around the world. From here, six specialty categories branch out: Cuisine, Travel, Cars and Motorcycles, Architecture and Design, Art, and Humanities and Literature. The range and depth for these categories are unmatched. A strong selection of Western books and vintage titles will not disappoint, either.

Movies: Japan's unrivaled video department leaves no title out. Every last title, right here--the video department is intent on offering a complete selection. With the introduction of a break-through service, classic titles previously unavailable as DVDs are burned right at the store as disks to take home. Other titles unavailable elsewhere are stocked for immediate purchase, too.The cinema concierge is ready to recommend titles of interest from the broad in-store selection.

Music: Replete with jazz, classical, 60s to 80s rock, pop music. Plenty of choice is assured for jazz, classical, 60s to 80s rock, and pop music. All of the tracks from CD archives totaling 120thousand albums can be freely sampled at 40 seated stations, where a cup of coffee can be brought over as well.The jazz concierge, classical concierge, rock concierge, etc., with in-depth knowledge are here to assist with genre-specific selections.

Anjin Library & Lounge: Salon accented by rare collections of books and magazine from around the world. Vintage magazines number 30,000 issues in aggregate with a focus on the 1960s and 70s. Nostalgia surrounds the visitor with back issues of famous Japanese magazines Heibon Punch and Taiyo, as well as invaluable international titles, such as domus and Vogue. At Anjin, selected reading material and art supply the ambience.Coffee, alcoholic drinks, and a dining menu are also offered. The library content can be browsed at the tables, and books from downstairs can be brought up here for leisurely inspection. Seating: 120.

Travel Desk Listening to customer requests, our travel concierges develop personalized travel plans. With ample travel experience to destinations themselves, they are ready to make travel requests into a real itinerary. (Hours: 11:00-21:00)

Stationery The stationery store offers a generous selection of writing implements, from functional pens to glass pens and feather pens. Our concierge is ready to recommend the pen that provides the joy of writing. Monogramming is available as a same-day service, another aid to preparing the perfect gift.

Concierge Expert concierges are ready to assist with purchases of books, movies, and music.

Hours of Operation The parking lot accommodates 120 vehicles on the single, ground level with roomy spaces. With lots of green landscaping, some call it "Tokyo's most refreshing parking lot."

■ Adjoining DAIKAYNAMA T-SITE GARDENGREEN DOG Daikanyama (Pet Services) Staffed with pet care counselors to assist with daily pet needs, the store provides a selection of premium dog food, and houses a veterinary clinic (cats & dogs), grooming salon, dog garden for day care, and pet hotel for overnight stays.

Børnelund Daikanyama (Imported Toys, Kids Service) An outstanding selection of playthings from over 20 countries around the world is offered in a personalized style that matches your child's development. Delightful services are here so parent and child can play, with lots to enjoy by family across three generations.

Daikanyama motovelo (Battery-Power Assisted Bicycles) A specialty store exclusively for battery-power assisted bicycles. With the rapid rise in popularity of these bikes, the shop provides customization to meet customer lifestyles, such as child seat installation, Swarovski trim, etc.

Daikanyama Kitamura Photo Equipment (Camera Specialty Store) Interior designer Kanji Ueki envisioned the handsomely appointed space, stocked with rows of digital cameras--more makes and models than any other store. Services available: ordering prints, creating albums, and studio photography.

Ivy Place (Restaurant) A sister location to T.Y. Harbor Brewery in Tennoz Isle and Cicada in Hiroo, Ivy Place has three distinct settings. The terrace café permits seating with your pet dog. An eclectic dining menu offers cuisine of various countries. The bar is decidedly serene.

DAIKANYAMA T-SITEDAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS150-003317-5 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo >>View Map

Store Hours 1F 7:00AM-2:00AM 7 days a weekStore Hours 2F 9:00AM-2:00AM 7 days a week