How Russia Defeated the United States

Controversial for many, I am sure, but truth be told, whether anyone likes it or not, Russia has all the trump cards stacked against the United States right now. This means, in reality, they defeated us—well, at least during this iteration of the ongoing Cold War. But how? How did Russia accomplish this task is a question that must be asked.

Unlike the United States, Russia, like the majority of countries, doesn’t play any game based on time. Time is on their side. And when it comes to Russian operations against the United States, they stayed on track keeping their eyes and ears close to the monitor tracking our every move. Unfortunately, during the late 80’s, when President Reagan confronted the old Soviet Union, most Westerns believed the game was over and we won. Unfortunately, we didn’t really win anything. But worse, we took our eyes off the ball.

Russia played a very methodical infiltration game that took a prolonged amount of time to actually play. It was a game of old school influence operations. They groomed their own citizens at birth to learn how to become masters at infiltration into western societies. Today, oligarchs run rampant behind the scenes in Hollywood and American media influencing a magnitude of information that socially conditions us. Just ask yourself why the 2012 remake of the 1980’s Patrick Swayze hit Red Dawn had nothing to do about Russia but instead everything to do with North Korea.

Russian Spy Anna Chapman and her crew were not necessarily conducting the traditional spy-game of espionage. They were infiltrators. And once they infiltrated the system or network of their choosing, they would begin a unique influence campaign. Maybe we should keep a closer eye on Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets, and begin asking the critical question as to why he really wishes to relocate his team to Russia.

We have been influenced by Russian  operatives and many believe this is all some black helicopter conspiracy but ask any US intelligence officer who works Russian operations and they will confirm everything here. But how good has Russia been with their influence operations?

Look at today’s Department of Education, Common Core, nationally mandated testing of public school children. Look at our Department of Environmental Protection and the ridiculous rules and regulation for what land owners and companies can and cannot do. Federal entities are full of agents of influence.

Look at US natural gas production. Understand that we are the world’s number one producer of natural gas but ask, why we are not the world’s number one exporter of such a commodity. The answer is simple. We placed too much red tape on our refinement that fails to allow exportation into Europe. Think someone or several people here in the United States with some Russian influence had anything to do with making those strict rules and regulations? Count on it.

Who cares about natural gas, right?

It just so happens to be that Russia is the world’s number one exporter of natural gas. For them, that is their first trump card. Now begin to look at their physical actions throughout Eastern Europe. What would sanctions do to stop Russia’s expansion in the Ukraine? Where will they go next—Georgia, Albania, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland? You tell me. Scary question here though, but what would stop them? I assure you it won’t be sanctions.

Sanctions cannot stop Russia. They can easily play against sanctions and merely stop all exportation of their natural gas into Western Europe. That would be a vital blow to Europe not only crippling their energy infrastructure but also economically. The cost to import the limited amounts of US natural gas we actually could export today would be overwhelming (unless of course, refining red-tape is lifted and we begin the processing immediately).

Economically, Russia has a trump card. But they have even a bigger trump card few ever thought about—Space. As The Telegraph reported earlier today, Russia has decided to ban the United States from using the International Space Station. The biggest mistake in modern US history was ridding our space program. Think about it. How much of our own military might is dependent upon our space systems? Shut our space assets down, and our military might is crippled. To me, that is the biggest trump card Russia has today.

Let me be blunt. We are screwed. Sure, we are screwed but this doesn’t mean anyone needs to enter a state of paranoia. We just need to realize through some gap analysis our own shortfalls and be willing to rectify them—and fast. Russia took off the gloves and we continue to sit in the corner listening to our cut man when in reality we should have realized we are not in a boxing match. We are in a street fight without any rules. We can still win the ongoing war against Russia but right now, we are getting our asses kicked in this current battle.

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