VIDEO-Why Should Anyone Trust Bill Nye? [Video]

Bill Nye the Science Guy has appeared in many global warming debates and has recently stepped up in support of the findings of the National Climate Assessment, which was newly released. Nye vehemently supports the science behind humans’ role in climate change and urges others to study statistics in order to understand that action must be taken to change the world’s current circumstances. Nye has been an influential presence in the realm of science for decades; his credentials are impressive and his passion contagious, which is why many people choose to trust him over many climate-change skeptics and anyone who denies the science behind the issues.

John Oliver, the Last Week Tonight host touched on the issue of climate change, and the fact that Nye is on nearly every debate panel about the world’s current climate crisis. Nye can be found fighting for the science behind detrimental climate trends and seems to always have an important, yet easily-understood stance on the topic. Nye’s approach to science has been easily accessible for adults and children alike for years, helping many people believe the current issues of climate change when Nye presents the issues.

Nye has always been interested in science and understanding how things and the universe operate. He graduated from Cornell University, achieving a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked for Boeing in Seattle, Washington, where he currently resides. Nye started stand-up comedy and quit his job as an engineer to pursue this new passion. This is where Bill Nye the Science Guy blossomed from, which is a key player in how generations of children learn about science.

Nye has authored numerous children books about science and is currently involved in three television series about science and how to live conscious to the environment. The scientist is also the Vice President of the Planetary Society, which is the world’s largest group with a keen interest in space. Nye also has three Honorary Doctorate degrees and two patents on educational products. The stand-up scientist is also a firm believer in human-induced global warming, and will apparently defend his beliefs even if it is on National television, against very pronounced television personalities. Anyone can understand why Nye stands by the positions that he represents, and due to the informed way he presents his viewpoints, viewers often feel that they can trust Nye’s scientifically based judgment on important topics.

This year alone Nye has appeared in many different television debates in order to defend his scientifically-backed beliefs that climate change is anthropogenic and must be acted upon. His vocalized viewpoints are well supported by peer-reviewed scientific facts; for example, over 97 percent of papers written on global warming recently support that the issue is man-made, including the National Climate Assessment, which eerily depicted the current state of the world and what must be done to change the issues. Nye is very well-read and very qualified to speak on the topics that he often publicly does. As is seen in many of his debates, the opposition to Nye’s claims often attempts to stump the scientist, or encourage him to admit that global warming should not be the utmost concern for Americans.

Nye is not simply just a man seen on television, often speaking about science. He is personally very environmentally concerned, having invented many ways for humans to live more consciously, and lives consciously himself. Nye’s credentials, education and lifestyle are all reasons why humans should trust Bill Nye and live consciously, just as he does.

Opinion by Courtney Heitter

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