Keyboard Shortcut for "Save as PDF..." in OS X — MacSparky

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 This post was updated in 2013 with a fancy screencast. You should go there now.


Here is one thing that has been driving me crazy for some time.  I constantly find myself saving from Safari to PDF.  Whether it is a utility bill or legal research, I have a fetish for saving PDF copies.  The problem is that in order to do so you must click print, then the PDF button, then the "Save as PDF" button.  Each step requires me to get the mouse in the right place and read the menu.  Granted this is probably less than 10 seconds but I do it a lot and it makes me just a little bit  nuts.

So I've been thinking about this and wondering if there is an Automator action or perhaps an Applescript that can simplify this.  Well tonight I stumbled upon

an excellent hint at MacOSXHints

that address this very problem very easily through with a keyboard shorcut.

Here is the walkthrough.

Open your Keyboard Shortcuts tab in the Keyboard & Mouse system preference pane.

Click the "+" sign to add a new shortcut for all applications.

Then a box pops up asking for the command.

Type in the Command exactly as it appears: "Save as PDF..."  For the ellipses, use the combination: option + semicolon.  Don't ask me why because I have no clue.  Just do it.

For the keyboard shortcut use: command + P (I know this sounds like a conflict with the print shortcut, but trust me)

Now you are done.

Now go to your favorite webpage and hold down the command key and press "P" twice.

Bingo.  "Save as PDF..." lickity split.