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With 27 years of legal experience, Alan Shifman is California's only Certified Family Law Specialist, Certified Public Accountant and Registered Investment Advisor which enables him to handle complex financial issues other family law attorneys may not understand.  Alan Shifman personally handles all of his cases, you will not be pawned off onto a young associate.

Clients appreciate Alan's financial experience because it gives him superior negotiating and/or litigating advantages.  Your family and finanicial security is his priority. Alan has successfully obtained Court orders granting sole physical custody of children, a parents right to move with a child to another state, domestic violence restraining orders, and sole possession of the primary residence. 


High Net Worth Cases can be a complicated and emotional process. Careful attention must be applied to account for the number of assets, their worth, controls, and division. In addition, difficulties may be encountered if there are agreements (prenuptial or postnuptial) that may determine the direction of the proceedings. Although these agreements may simplify the process, more often than not it becomes the central issue in the case.

In analyizing a high net-worth divorce, the treatment of debts and liabilities must be carefully considered too. As with assets, debts are generally divided equally in the event they were incurred by the parties during marriage.  We will make all efforts to assure that the community property and debts  are treated properly.   Very often, material assets that are addressed include:

We seek to protect professionals with a high net-worth from negative publicity or harrassment.  We work closely with private investigators to make sure that we have all the information available to prepare the strongest case for trial or settlement. 

Let the Law Offices of Alan Shifman & Associates assist you to stabilize your Family Law issues, including:

All cases are important to our Family Law Firm, whether you are a professional or stay at home parent.  Our firm specializes in Divorce and Family Law for people seeking competent, honest and cost effective represention.

We promise to give you objective advice and will tell you "our professional opinion" regarding your case rather than telling you what you want to hear just to get your retainer. 

Upon retention, you and Alan will work together to plan an effective and efficient strategy.  Alan will educate and give you options to implement these successful strategies.  You will know the risks, rewards, costs, and benefits of everything we do in your case. You will instruct us as to how you want the case to proceed. You participate in decision making on all issues and costs.  At your direction, Alan will fight for your rights.



"As a surgeon, my spouse took agressive actions to get as much custody and support as possible.  Fortunately, Alan convinced the Court to give me 100% custody of our child and limited my spousal support obligation and I didn't have to pay any child supprt."  

Dr. Robert M., Los Angeles, CA


"As a technology officer of publically traded company, I was a prime target for a desperate and greedy spouse.  Alan's approach to the Court hearings, his Courtroom demeanor and understanding of my financial issues made the stressful experience manageable"

John Q., Palo Alto, CA 


"Alan efficiently and effectively negotiated a settlement with opposing counsel giving me 50/50 custody with reasonable support obligations.  He stabilized my life!!"

Aram A., Thousand Oaks, CA


"I was the primary wage earner and owner of a small tech company in San Jose.  Alan made numerous appearances in Court because of the obnoxious attorney my wife hired.  We constantly won in Court which enabled us to then enter into a fair settlement.  I highly recommend Alan!"

Gary Y., San Jose, CA 


"As an unemployed mother, I need to move back to St. Louis to be near my family.  Alan succesfully convinced the Judge to allow me to move with my 5 year old child back home.  Great job!!"


Jennifer K., Los Angeles, CA